If you are a writer, you probably have your own individual style and technique that allows you to get your words on the page. Whether it is finding a quiet space, drinking lots of caffeine or listening to music, we all have unique ways of inspiring the process of expression.

Like any other group of people with a similar interest, though, we do have commonalities. The following list is of 11 things that writers do regularly:

1. Mentally rewrite the sentences that they read.

You passed “Run-On Road” about 3 commas ago.

2. Fix other people’s punctuation.

Oh, you just wanted me to read for content?

3. Wish that they thought of an idea first.

Maybe if I never read another book, I’ll have an original plot.

4. Pray that they will marry rich.

I’m (half) kidding.

5. Answer questions when their friends are writing papers.

Yeah, that sentence doesn’t make sense to me either — you’re screwed.

6. Create separate folders for their writing.

School writing … newspaper writing … personal writing …

7. Explain their back-up plan.

Yes, I want to be a writer. No, I’m not planning on living in my parent’s basement for the next 40 years.

8. Stare at a blank white screen.

Maybe if I stare hard enough, words will start to appear.

9. Keep a note on their phone with topic ideas.

Where did you think this article idea came from?

10. Panic about who can proof-read their papers.

Who is trustworthy?

11. Cringe when official publications make typos.

They need a better copy editor and I need a job in a few months … we’re a perfect match!