You're out of school for the summer, which means it's time to party and have fun, right? We all wish. Summer isn't always fun and games, especially when you work, have internships, have online classes, or just don't want to leave your house because this was your first day off. Can you relate to these struggles?

1. Everyone has great Instagram pictures and you're kinda jealous.

When you're stuck at work or in your house all summer, seeing all of your friends' beautiful Instagram pictures is nowhere near as fun as if they were your own. Sadly, your Instagram will have to wait until you get a day or two off (which will be basically never).

2. Uneven tan lines

My arms and legs have tan lines from my uniform, and it's too late to fix them. There is no amount of sitting out in the sun (or a tanning booth) that will fix these lines. My hair has even cast a tan line on my forehead. What can you do? Gotta love working outdoors.

3. No exploration

The only place you've seen this summer is your house and your job, maybe the gas station. There's not enough time in your day to go to festivals or parties when you're working multiple jobs.

4. Free time is a myth

There is no free time. You are busy all of the time. Good luck finding time for yourself.

5. Bucket lists are impossible

You wanted to get something done this summer, like visiting a museum or going to the beach? Good luck with that. If you're lucky, you might get to see a beach before you head into work.

6. Air conditioning is your lifeline.

If you live anywhere that gets above 70 degrees, air conditioning will be your life. If your work or house doesn't have it, you are in for a long summer. If you can get to the library for classwork, do it. Most have air conditioning and are quiet enough to get work done.

7. People are everywhere.

Everyone is out of the house, and it always seems to be busier on your commute to work than any other time. On the flip side, when you do get time to yourself, your family probably wants to go to a tourist trap.

8. No sunglasses at work.

Summer jobs, especially at fast food restaurants, are usually either outside or near windows. Sun coming through is going to blind you, and you will have to pretend it doesn't. Sunglasses would make this easier, but that's not professional.

9. The sun wakes you up.

Rise and shine, it's 6 a.m. You're not going to be able to go back to sleep, and we both know that going to bed before midnight is not a reasonable request.

10. The weather.

It's going to be either sunny and too hot, or raining and cold. Dressing for the weather is nearly impossible if you live in a place where the weather changes rapidly.

11. Everyone else loves this time of year.

Everyone loves summer's aesthetics, but nothing is ever as great as you think it will be. Just remember that those pictures you see on Instagram or the stories you hear are cherry-picked from a much less fun day.