11 Stages of Packing
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11 Stages of Packing

Starting out completely confused and working your way through the struggle to zip the bag.

11 Stages of Packing
1. Get excited because you are going on a trip soon!

Yay for some wonderful time to yourself in a cool new place. Its an exciting time, think of all the great food you will eat and cool places you get to enjoy. I bet you can't wait.

2. Realize you should probably start packing...

All that great stuff that comes with a great trip requires the not so fun process of packing your bags.It can be a long and trying process. If you are going on a long trip this process is even harder.

3. But what do you even need?

What activities am I doing? How cute do I need to look? Do I have room for everything?

There are so many things to think about. You have to have the right shoes, outfits, and so many other little things. Sunscreen, pajamas and toothpaste are all amongst the things I have forgotten on a trip.

4. Check the weather, you've gotta be prepared!

You wouldn't want to be caught in the rain in shorts. Or worse yet, out in the sun in a sweater. It begs the question, how accurate is your weather app. Chances are you will end up with way too many options just in case. Definitely need to be prepared in case a tornado forms.

5. Grab basically every possible thing and pile it up.

Your whole closet is needed for the trip, right? What if you just aren't feeling the outfit you had planned. There has to be options for situations just like this. That is probably why the pile you have amassed has clothes of all colors and styles.

6. Realize that piles don't go in suitcases well and start folding.

Now that you pulled everything out of your drawers and closet it has to nicely go into the bag. But darn thats a lot of folding!

7. Get about halfway through and figure out there is no way this is all going to fit...

That moment you realize not all your things are going to fit in the bag is a sad moment. Everything you brought was super duper important. You must have it all with you (insert sarcasm here). The moment is even better if a groan is added for effect.

8. Make some super tough choices on what to bring

Nothing scares me more about packing than pulling something out of the bag. What if I need that shirt I have only ever worn once?!

9. Finally squish it all into that bag!

It must fit! It must! Once you pair down the items that are coming with, its time to zip that bag. This may or may not require sitting on said bag or maybe even some prayers. Either way you will get it closed!

10. Only to realize you definately forgot something really vital...

There is nothing quite like looking up to see your hairbrush, totally not in the bag like it should be. After just barely wrangling the bag shut this is quite possibly the worst thing to see.

11. But once that is all settled, you are totally ready for that trip (Lets just hope the bag isn't overweight)

Now kick back and relax before embarking on the next journey. You worked hard to get that bag packed with all the necessary items. You deserve to take a couple moments to enjoy your accomplishments before being forced on the next endeavour, the airport!

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