11 Unmistakable Signs You're From A Small Town
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11 Unmistakable Signs You're From A Small Town

It's a whole different world.

11 Unmistakable Signs You're From A Small Town

"Nice to meet you! Where are you from?" *insert hometown here* "Umm, where the hell is that?"

This is literally how every conversation went for me when I moved to college. Everyone has heard of Mississippi, but no one has ever heard of little Corinth with a population of 14,870. To put that into perspective for you, there are more students enrolled at my college than there are in my hometown. The puzzled look on everyone's faces when I tell them where I'm from never gets old, but this, along with these 11 other examples, is just something you have to get used to when you're from a middle-of-nowhere town.

1. Everyone knows everyone.

Your grandma knows your best friend's grandma. Your mom knows your teacher. You know every single person you drive past. It's just how it works.

2. Everyone knows each other's business.

There are no secrets in a small town. You know who's getting divorced, who is pregnant, and who dislikes who. That thing you didn't want your parents to know about? Yeah, they knew about it before you even got done doing it.

3. You can name everyone in your graduating class.

You also know their siblings and parents' names.

4. Your signature meeting place is the closest supermarket parking lot.

"Meet at Fred's?" "Yeah be there in a sec."

5. An eventful Friday night is driving around on back roads because there is literally nothing else to do.

You know every road like the back of your hand, not because it's such a small town, but because you spend your free time driving them for fun.

6. Eating options are limited.

You eat the Mexican restaurant on the corner at least 3 times a week because it's really the only option besides McDonald's.

7. If someone moves away, it's a big deal.

You'd be surprised by how many people were shocked that I was going to college in another state. I don't know about all small towns, but Corinth is like a black hole that no one really ever escapes.

8. You give directions based off of stoplights.

When people call where I work and ask for directions, I always tell them to take a left at the Subway red-light. Everyone knows where everything is in a town the size of a thumb.

9. Everyone knows where everyone else lives.

This is honestly kind of creepy, but I can literally drive down any road and tell you who almost every house belongs to.

10. The annual festival is a big deal.

If you miss the Slugburger or Hogwild festival then you've missed out.

11. Football season is a big deal. Especially between rival schools.

Everyone goes all out for football games, and the highlights are always on the front page of the paper. Oh, and don't even think about talking to someone from a rival school on game day.

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