11 Signs Your Cat Is Your Best Friend

11 Signs Your Cat is Your Best Friend

Anyone who knows me knows that my cat, Meeko, is my best friend. He is named after the raccoon in Pocahontas because I found him as an approximately four-week-old kitten beside a trashcan playing with his five other brothers and sisters. Since then his brothers, sisters, and mama have been adopted and are happy, healthy, and spoiled. Let's face it, I had to spoil this little guy, who wouldn't?

1. You Watch Movies Together

His favorite show is "The Walking Dead". He hears the music and comes running into my living room.

2. Your Cat Picks the Movie Snacks

He went for milk and cheese, surprise surprise!

3. You Throw Raving Parties Together

We drank soooooooo much milk that night.

4. Your Cat is Your Study Buddy

Who better to hold your flashcards and help you stay on track for time? Even if it involves a study break to play!

5. Netflix and Chill Looks Like This

Sorry boys, the spot's taken! Tonight we are watching Criminal Minds!

6. And Cuddling Looks Like This

Every single night.

7. You Take Way Too Many Pictures of Your Cat According to Your Friends.

8. And Most of your Selfies Include Your Cat.

9. Your Cat Helps You Keep Your Diet On Track

He's locking down those cupcakes so you remember that there is broccoli in the fridge that can be a snack.

10. You Have Matching Jackets

I promise he likes his jacket. He was feeling a bit camera shy.

11. You Talk To Your Cat More Than Anyone You Know

It's relaxing to be able to talk to someone who understands you but doesn't speak the same language.

12. You Take Your Cat for Ice Cream

His Favorite is vanilla and he has to sit on a news paper because he is messy.

Overall, cats are everything. They are not always as anti-social as those dog lovers say! I'm completely kidding of course. I have a dog as well and he is the anti-social one. In honor of Meeko's half birthday, like and share this post to wish him a "Happy Birthday"!

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