11 Signs That You Are A Make-Up Addict

I have always known how to put makeup on. My mother took me to the Bobby Brown chair at Macy's when I was 11 so I could learn the "proper way" to put it on (that day I left with a black eyeshadow and a bubblegum pink blush, so thats for that Bobby Brown). Since then, I've always had an interest in it. Personally, I think that makeup is a hobby and in the past few years, I've adopted it as such. My friends are the same way and they blame me for their sudden addiction to a pretty expensive hobby. Here are a few signs that you are ~proudly~ a makeup addict.

1. You have proper storage.

Nothing screams "I have too much makeup" more than having drawers to hold it in. Before I adopted this hobby, I had one bag that I shuffled through and was a-okay with it.

2. You understand the proper lingo.

When trying to explain a look to a non-addict, you use words like "cut crease" and "transition color" and they're left staring at you like you're speaking a different language.

3. You stalk the drugstore for new launches.

Yeah, you already have seven highlighters but Physician's formula came out with a new one and you HAVE to have it or you'll die.

4. You will gladly spend $60 on foundation (even though you already have plenty).

Who needs to eat, anyway?

5. You get feisty when people tell you that you don't need to wear makeup.

Thanks for the compliment but, imma do what I want.

6. Along with that, people think you look sick if you don't wear it one day.

"Are you okay?" "Yeah, this is just my real face."

7. You cringe when people ask you what a "contour" is.

Yeah, its just the single greatest thing to ever exist.

8. You constantly get yelled at for buying more makeup.

One simply can't have too many eyelash curlers (yes, yes you can).

9. You have timed when to get a Kylie Lip Kit... more times than you care to admit.

What else would a person be doing at 4pm on a Saturday??

10. You have about 1500 Beauty Insider Points.

Yes, you guessed it. That means you have spent at least $1500 since you redeemed your points....

11. You realize that makeup is something fun and something you enjoy.

If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad, right?

.....my bank account hates me.

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