11 Reasons Why Wearing Bright Colors Is Beneficial

Are you a fan of wearing bright colors? Hide your wallet now, because you’re going to want to buy every bright shirt there is after reading these 11 reasons why wearing bright colors is beneficial—just remember, bright is best!

1. When you wear a bright shirt, it helps to keep you awake.

No one's falling asleep so long as you are in the room.

2. Wearing bright colors indoors reminds you that there is a sun outside.

Here comes the sun!

3. Neon colors keep you safe.

Take it from Forrest—even the news crew will find you in your stylish, neon yellow safety outfit.

4. Wearing a bright green t-shirt can let people know you are happy to be alive, and like nature.

Frodo knows where it's at.

5. Bright purple clothing makes people smile.

Are you smiling?

6. If you’re in a dark room, wearing fluorescent colors increases light reflections and can help you to see.

Science, my dear Watson.

7. If ever stranded, having something bright on will be a sure way to help you be found.

Gilligan was on to something.

8. Bright colors allow your personality to shine through.

Which color are you?

9. When your friend is having a bad day and sees your bright shirt, it will cheer them up.

No doubt about it.

10. Really bright colors almost blind people, so wearing bright clothing may increase the sale of sunglasses in your area and help the economy.

One step at a time.

11. Wearing bright colors reminds the world that you are a force to be reckoned with.

I'm ready.

Bright colors are truly the best. Saving lives, improving the economy, helping friendships, and increasing positivity are just a few of the ways your neon spunk makes a difference. Which benefit of wearing bright colors is your favorite?

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