It’s the show everyone loves to hate, "The most Dramatic television series in America" , It's the only and only, Bachelor.

1. Gives us a source of weekly entertainment

Every monday at 7 o'clock it’s that time to gather on the couch with your favorite gal pals to watch your favorite gals and not so favorites all date the same man.

2. Gives us girls something to follow and keep tabs on

Like men with their football games and fantasy leagues, us girls like to stay in the loop with things too. Watching the bachelor is a perfect bonding experience, sometimes we even yell at the TV If it doesn't go the way we want. In fact there is now a "Bachelor" fantasy league.

3. It gives us the sense that we’re not really all that crazy as we think

4. It gives us some unrealistic date expectations but come on it’s cute

5. It gives us drama to follow when our life is a little boring

There's nothing better then watching 25-30 women dating the same guy and all hating each other.


7. Chris Harrison adds incredibly funny side comments

And the weekly "Ladies, Nick, This is the final rose of the night, when you're ready"

8. Almost all of the women have Pretty dresses and cute outfit ideas to steal

9. Checking out Neil Lane’s bling bling

10. Makes us realize that one guy you’re caught up on might not be the one for you

11. It gives us a good laugh or cry which both could be something needed given the time in our lives