These are reasons why sea otters are the cutest animal. Let's be honest, how could you resist them? They are so cute and fluffy, plus they act a lot like humans. That is why everyone wants one for themselves, which is why California State University, Monterey Bay is home of the Otters!

1. Sea otters are considered the "old man of the sea" because of their fabulous whiskers!

2. They have a pouch in their arm to store items like food and perhaps their favorite rock. With these rocks, they can open mussels and clams.

3. They can hold hands!

When otters fall asleep they tend to hold hands so they do not drift away from each other! You can not help but giggle when you see how cute otters can be when they hold hands.

4. When a baby otter is born they are called a 'Pup' and have the fluffiest fur!

This fur serves as a life jacket and allows them to float. When the pup is old enough it sheds its "life jacket" and takes its first dive! Now, what could be cuter than that?

5. Mothers are life rafts for the first two months of a pup's life.

6. They are a keystone species because they feed on sea urchins and other invertebrates that live in kelp beds.

Without these adorable otters, these grazing animals can destroy kelp forests and consequently the wide diversity of animals that depend upon kelp habitat for survival. Not only do sea otters save their neighbors but the ocean itself since kelp absorbs harmful carbon dioxide. So thank you, otters!

7. Sea otters fur is waterproof!

With their many layers of fur to keep warm, some layers trap air in to keep them dry, while the outside is wet. Sounds like a wetsuit!

8. Another way to stay warm is to eat, A LOT!

An otter gobbles up about a quarter of its weight in food each day. That would be like a 60-pound kid eating 60 quarter-pounder hamburgers every day!

9. Sea otters smile just like humans!

Like, how can you resist such a cute face?!

10. They are basically ballerinas.

Watch the way they can summersault and twirl in the water.

11. They are really smart and talented too.

They can learn to play games like we do.