11 Reasons To Go Camping In College

The outdoors has been a huge part of my life growing up. My family went camping multiple times during the year and we were constantly encouraged to explore the outdoors by our parents. Scouting offered me more opportunities and experiences to go camping. However, since I came to college, I found myself not being able to camp as much. That is due to the increased workload of college life, but I still find myself wanting to go out and hike or camp just as I did before. I feel like I am missing a part of myself, so when the chance to go camping comes, I jump at it. Aside from the bonding and social aspects of camping, it offers many personal benefits that many of us could benefit from.

1. The disconnect from technology.

There is no wifi or data and rarely any good service out in the mountains. Camping is a time to unplug and get away from any stresses that come from them.

2. Physical activity.

Got no time to workout during the week? Go out for some hiking on the weekend while you camp. If you really want a workout, you can backpack the whole weekend, too.

3. Beautiful sights.

Nature offers the most beautiful sights in the world. Tops of mountains to sunsets on the beach, camping can give you a front row seat to them all.

4. Learn the area around college.

Most of us don't want to travel too far for a weekend trip, so you will get to see some of the area near your college that you wouldn't normally see.

5. Engage your natural curiosity.

As humans, we have a natural propensity to learn and explore. Going out into nature is the perfect opportunity to sate that curiosity.

6. You get to bond with your friends.

Who says you have to go camping alone? Going out camping with friends can be even more fun and it is an experience to share.

7. You make new friends.

You will meet many people who are also out enjoying the outdoors just like you. You might run into them on the trail or talk with them over a campfire--you never know who you will run into.

8. It offers many different experiences.

Camping gives you the opportunity to see and do many different things. What you do can make for some great stories to tell your friends.

9. It relieves stress.

You are unplugged from your computer. You are miles away from a classroom. It's a mini-vacation from your troubles at college.

10. It is cheap.

Since most colleges rent out outdoor equipment or your family most likely has some camping gear, the most expensive part is buying food. Hotdogs and foil dinners aren't that expensive.

11. It's fun for everyone.

When you go camping, there is an opportunity for everyone to have their own kind of fun, whether it be hiking, photography, nature watching or just sitting down and reading a good book. It can be fun for everyone.

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