11 Reasons Why We Should Be Thankful For Thanksgiving
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11 Reasons Why We Should Be Thankful For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should get as much love as other holidays.

11 Reasons Why We Should Be Thankful For Thanksgiving

It's November, which is the weirdest in-between month ever. Countries around the world are already in full swing with Christmas carols and holiday-themed movies. Here in the States, however, the countdown is for Thanksgiving. Well, it's really for the day after, when we're technically allowed to begin the Christmas celebration. Thanksgiving is kind of seen as the holiday in the middle of two awesome ones. The Thanksgiving parade will even have Christmas music going on while the day is only halfway through! Here are 11 reasons that Thanksgiving should get as much love as other holidays.

1. You get to see your family again, if earlier than you thought.

2. Time off of school or work is almost guaranteed and, if you do work, hopefully people thank you for it.

3. All the food!

4. Spending time with loved ones.

5. Did I say food?

6. Watching the parade!

7. Seeing the Snoopy float go by Macy's.

8. The smells of Thanksgiving food cooking.

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9. There aren't any annoying songs to get stuck in your head, so you won't look like this.

10. "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" TV special.

11. You are reminded of what matters the most.

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