11 Reasons To Move To Jersey City Instead Of NYC

11 Reasons To Move To Jersey City Instead Of NYC

Get the best of both worlds of living a luxurious yet inexpensive life!

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New York City: The city that never sleeps, the land of opportunity, and where our most wildest dreams can only happen. Although not impossible to live in, there's a lot of money (and some organs and limbs) to sacrifice before you can live in the big apple. However, if you do want affordable housing, you will have to sacrifice space and privacy with strangers or live hours away from Manhattan to save up money — but anything to say you live in NYC, right?

Well, consider an alternative. Although in another state, don't let this discourage you from considering Jersey City that's conveniently across the Hudson River and has much to offer without leaving too far from the city!

1. Closer to NYC than actual NYC boroughs

Jersey City is conveniently placed across the Hudson which makes it a quick and easy commute between states. Travel time on the PATH can take as long as 30 minutes to 34th St. and as short as 5 minutes to the Financial District! This definitely puts competition with other boroughs that take at most 2 hours to get to Manhattan and is way closer compared a borough like Staten Island and should be considered as NYC’s hidden borough.

2. Rent is WAY Cheaper

For those who can’t afford a cardboard box at the expense of the lavish New York style, consider Jersey City as an alternative where you can, without a doubt, can get more for your buck. You won’t be able to find rent for less than $1,000 per month without stacking on roommates to split the rent and share the little closet space you can. However, in Jersey City, you can find studios and one-bedrooms for around that price. And if you got extra cash, treat yourself to a luxury apartment with a doorman, pool, on-site laundry, and a terrace. These may cost as low as $1,500 for a studio which still beats Manhattan prices. Imagine spacious living, no annoying roommates, cheaper living, and still living the NYC life. Only in Jersey City

3. Actually, everything is much cheaper

This is a no brainer when comparing NYC’s 8.5% sales tax to New Jersey’s 3.5% sales tax. Not to mention the large difference between paychecks after taxes when comparing the two states. And let’s not forget transportation costs where a monthly metro card costs $121 while a monthly PATH card costs $89. Let the savings rack in!

4. No Taxes on Clothes

Another great reason to live in Jersey City--and New Jersey in general-- is that there’s no sales tax on clothes! This can range from the NYC fashionistas with expensive taste to students snagging on the biggest deals. Another plus to living across the Hudson that benefits the Jersey lifestyle. So splurge on clothes with less guilt!

5.Great view of City

The Jersey City Waterfront Walkway has an amazing view from across the Hudson in Newport that stretches for 18.5 miles, great for photoshoots, strolls, marathons, or just chilling at nearby restaurants. The NYC view can actually still be viewed from miles away--as far as Garfield Avenue! So it hardly feels that you’re far from the city!

6. Transportation Available Everywhere

New Jersey offers a wide variety of interstate and intrastate transportation. With the convenience of the PATH train, citizens can travel between states or within other cities in Jersey for $2.75 per trip. Jersey City also offers a variety of buses that travel all over Jersey City at the Journal Square transportation hub that only cost $1.60 per trip. In addition, the Light Rail train between different areas of Jersey City for $2.25 per trip (or for free if you don’t get caught by a ticket checker, which is what most people do anyways).

7. Wide Selection of Restaurants

Just like New York City, Jersey City provides an abundance of diverse choices. From fancy brunch to affordable gyro carts, to cuisine from overseas or close to home, from five-star restaurants to family owned, you can find all that in Jersey City at an affordable price!

8. Diners! Diners! Diners!

When getting your feast on in New Jersey, you gotta grab a bite at the diners. These homestyle restaurants are a state treasure that resulted in a museum exhibit of the Jersey staple, as well as earned the title as the “diner capital of the world” with 600 diners in the state, and one (VIP Diner in JC) making an appearance on The Sopranos! So when your budget doesn’t allow you for an expensive brunch gathering, why not settle for a warm and friendly atmosphere at a diner with a variety of dishes to choose from!

9. Better beaches

You don’t need to settle for the murky waters of Coney Island or Rockaway beach for some fun and clean beach fun. Beaches like Seaside Heights or the Jersey Shore are worth the long ride through tunnels and bridges from NYC, but the convenience of living in Jersey City gives you the advantage of all access to fun in the sun!

10. The Next Williamsburg?

Originally, Williamsburg served as an alternative to living in Manhattan, still conveniently close as well as a growing social life in the neighborhood. However, the popularity of Williamsburg has increased the price of living. So as an alternative to living in Williamsburg, some turn to Jersey City that’s growing in its own scene and social life as well as famous NYC chains branching out to JC. If you’re looking for a Williamsburg vibe in Jersey City, consider Grove Street where fun bars — like Barcade — tasty restaurants, street markets, and social life is located at a lower cost!

11. Escape from the City

Without a doubt, New York City has everything from opportunities to city life that attract many people from around the world. But you can’t live in NYC unless you’re ready to deal with the hustle and bustle of city life. Despite being a city, Jersey City serves as a peaceful alternative to NYC living that gives you a breather and time to just sit down and chill without the pressure of tourists, slow walkers, noisy traffic, and the hectic city life on your shoulder.

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