I love dogs, I simply cannot help myself. I'm the type of person that will approach dogs at all times and pet them. I'm that person who gets pumped to watch the dog show every year on Thanksgiving weekend. (No joke, I set it to record every year.) I can't help it. I love them, they love me, it's very mutual. I typically love most breeds, especially Shetland Sheepdogs, but there is one other breed that absolutely melts my heart... The Golden Retriever. I personally have never had a Golden Retriever, but I need one. It's just that simple. Here are 11 reasons why Goldens are perfect.

1. They have an ADORABLE fun-loving smile

Seriously, how can that face not bring someone joy? Scientists like to argue that dogs can't smile, but I beg to differ.

2. They are famously popular too

Golden Retrievers are known for their athleticism and love to play. That is probably why a Golden was chosen to be the dog for the movie Air Bud - a movie about a dog that can play basketball. Due to the popularity of this movie in the 90's, this probably led to Goldens becoming even more popular.

3. They are great family dogs

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in America for that reason alone. They are typically great with kids and have a playful and friendly nature.

4. They are SO CUTE as puppies

I mean seriously y'all. There is no way you could look at that puppy and not fall in love. Their cuteness level is out of control.


6. They make the perfect gift for any occasion (birthday, Christmas, etc.)

Imagine waking up to that face on Christmas morning.

7. They are often used as service dogs for the blind, thanks to their high intelligence.

Golden Retrievers do so much for the community, which only adds to their perfection. Many American's rely on them, making their contribution to the blind so vital.

8. They are so sporty it's crazy

This makes going to the park with them an absolute blast. I realize that the first picture doesn't actually show him "playing" soccer, but it was too cute to resist.

9. They are friendly towards cats too, which is great if you desire to have both cats and dogs as pets.

Look at them, coexisting without fighting. Breaking down barriers y'all.

10. They love the water too. In fact, Golden are often used as hunting dogs as well as pets.

So this dog is perfect for a fun day at the beach, the lake, or even hunting.

11. Lastly, they are just so dang lovable.

Who wouldn't want to cuddle with a Golden Retriever?

All in all, Golden Retrievers are the perfect dogs. They are smart, loving, joyful, and just plain adorable. Maybe one day I'll finally get one, but until then, I'll just keep obsessing over the pictures in this post.