11 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fall

11 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fall

3. It's finally flannel & boots season.

It's the beginning of October. Halloween is near and the start of fall has just begun. Whether it's your favorite season or not, I think we can all agree on these 11 reasons to absolutely, fall in love with fall!

1. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, duh!

2. The leaves are changing and it's undeniably beautiful.

3. It's finally flannel and boots season.

4. Halloween is near...and that means candy!

5. Crisp air and a slight breeze. Finally a break from the summer heat!

6. Haunted houses and everything scary!

7. Sweater weather.

8. And lots of cuddles.

9. It's football season!

10. Fall = holidays!!!

11. Most importantly...you get to spend quality time with your family.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The Weeks Leading Up To Spring Break, As Told By 'Spring Breakers'

These weeks are the complete opposite of pure joy.

For most college students, spring break is upon us soon.

It's no doubt the best part of the spring semester. A few more weeks until we have a nice long break. It's the time of year that your work ethic is tested and you just want to go on that vacation or head home for a bit. It's that wonderful time during the semester when you are granted a whole week to be free from the dining hall and the awful dorm showers.

It's a week of pure bliss, but the weeks beforehand are anything but pure bliss and joy.

1. When you aren't sure that you are going to make it through the next few weeks.

There's so much work and your energy is spent. You want to sleep and relax, not type a six-page essay.

2. When you have no breaks or downtime at all because your workload is out of control.

You don't even attempt to look at your planner or tears will be shed. Instead, you just laugh to cope with the pain.

3. When you want that spring break body, but then again, ice cream is better.

Eat the ice cream; it's so much better than the salad, I promise.

4. When you remember how many days you actually have until your break.

Then, you cry a little more and need a hug.

5. When you have two essays due tomorrow and three exams the day after.

Also, you're really just wondering if college is really worth it.

6. When someone asks you how your classes are going.

Just don't ask, please.

7. When the professor says, "You can teach yourselves the chapter over break."

You know you are not going to do it.

8. When you are finally packing to go home for the week or for your vacation, and you try to cram all your belongings into your luggage.

There's so much stuff, don't even get me started.

9. When you are finally at home or on the vacation that you dreamt of for the past three weeks.

The world is wonderful again.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash – Morre Christophe

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10 Rainy Day Thoughts For When You're Too Lazy To Use Your Brain Productively

"The streets on campus are flooding… I blame the engineers."

1. "Why would I go to class when the professor is gonna post the notes online anyways?"

2. "Outside is wet and cold… My bed is warm and cozy… I’ll just stay here all day."


4. "Maybe I’ll go to a coffee shop and read a nice book."

5. "…Or maybe I’ll watch a whole season of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix."

6. "WOW living in a place that rains like Seattle must suck."

7. "When will my husband come back from war?"

8. "I bet the gym is realllly crowded today…"

9. "How long would it take to build a huge slip n slide?"

10. "The streets on campus are flooding… I blame the engineers."

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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