11 Reasons Why The Beach is the Best Vacation Spot

If everybody had an ocean, across the USA Then everybody'd be surfin'. Surfin' USA. The Beach Boys hit the mark when it comes to the beach. Need a place to go for vacation (or to surf) during the sweltering summer days, I'd say cruise on down to the salty sea; it'll be worth your while. Not only beautiful, but the perfect vacation spot and here are 11 reasons why.

1. The sand, the sea, and the palm trees

The beach has it all! What more could you ask for? The perfect spot for vacations. I mean who doesn't love the sound of breaking waves as the wind cascades through your hair, the sand between your toes. Come on don't lie; you love it!

2. Perfect for tanning

Who needs tanning beds when you can get that natural glow, right on the beach, by soaking up the perfect rays. All you need is a towel, a little bit of tanning lotion, the warmth from the sun and you are good to go. P.S. It's also the best time to take a 30 minute nap. But don't forget to flip!

3.The friend time

The beach is the perfect place for spending a week with friends or family. It takes you away from the stress of life and let's you just sail away from your problems. All you got to do is let go and relax. Be sure to bring the shovel and pales; the person with the short end of the stick gets buried first! Oh and don't forget the snacks. Those are good too!

4. Selfie time

Everyone has to get that perfect beach selfie to post on Insta. Got to make sure the beach is in the background because... gorgeous! Oh and I can't forget to mention the PERFECT selfie lighting that there could ever be!

5. The beach activities

Have you ever wanted to try surfing or maybe even parasailing? You want it, and the beach has it! Not to mention, it has all the thrills!

6. The beach entertainment

Sometimes snacks just won't cut it. You're hungry, but you don't want to get in your car and leave because that means beach time is over and you would have to give up your prime parking spot that you spent 30 minutes trying to snag. If you walk up the beach a little, you're sure to find a nice little beach side restaurant, ready to take in those hungry beach goers all while providing some one of a kind beach entertainment a la music.

7. The beach attire

One of my favorite aspects of going to the beach is the attire. You've got you're cute swimsuit that you've been dying to wear to show off what you've been working so hard for...that would be those curves of yours! Not to mention the cute floppy hat you found at the little boutique on your way down there!

8. The sea life

Now not everybody wants to be a witness to this, but being able to say you saw a fish, a jellyfish or maybe even a dolphin in the ocean is a pretty cool story to tell. Maybe you'd even see a whale. Only the luckiest of the lucky get to tell that story.

9. It's peaceful

The beach is a good place to just sit back, close you eyes and let nature's tune run her course. Or you could let your mind wander while reading a good book (this is my favorite thing to do!)

10. Night walks

There is something so serene about taking a walk on the beach at night. Just the noise of the waves crashing around you is a beautiful thing. No distractions, just you and the song of the sea.

11. Watching the sunrise

Although early, the sunrise is very exquisite when watching from the beach. The way the sun looks while it peeks out over the horizon is a beauty to behold.

The beach can be a great time for laughter, fun and relaxation. But what makes it a greater candidate is seeing God's creation unfold before you like the waves unfolding onto the shore.

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