11 Nick Miller GIFS for the College Student

Nick Miller is a character on the Fox sitcom "New Girl". He's sarcastic, awkward, and just downright hilarious. The truth is I relate to Nick on a possibly unhealthy level. However, here are 11 GIFS to prove every college student can relate to him in some way or another.

1. When you thought you might actually get a normal professor. But you were wrong. Again.

2. When people ask why you look angry, or sad, or tired, or annoyed. (Spoiler Alert: You are!)

3. When you actually decide to splurge one night and go out to eat.

4. But staying in and eating Ramen doesn't go so well either.

5. Doors: Push or pull? How long should you hold it open? How many people can go through before it is socially acceptable to enter yourself? Why are the ones on campus so heavy?

6. When you try to escape awkward social interactions, and just make it more awkward.

7. When you consider dropping out and watching Netflix for the rest of your foreseeable future.

8. Every time you talk to your mother on the phone, and she expresses her concern for your exposure to the adult world.

9. When the professor tells everyone to go around and announce their name and major.

10. When you're feeling particularly self conscious while walking around campus.

11. When you accept that your life has become a complicated but relatively stable mess that can be described by GIFS of a character from a TV show (and you're not exactly mad about it).

All hail Miller.

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