11 Moments I Treasure With My Family
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11 Moments I Treasure With My Family

If you're someone who puts family at the top of your priority list, moving away to college puts each special moment into perspective.

11 Moments I Treasure With My Family
Jennifer Eldridge

I treasure the times we spend together because I know that without them I’d have nothing.

1) Gardening with Mom and Dad

Truly living the farmer's life of picking and canning.There’s just something about my mom and I planting with our bare hands and reaping the benefits of a bountiful crop. I tend to get a little too excited about picking that giant squash or perfectly ripe tomato that everyone else has seemed to miss. We've got giant pumpkins, hundreds of butternut squash, and enough green-beans to last the summer!

2) Learning About Dad’s Flowers

Their one of his greatest treasures on our property, besides the glorious lawn, and the different species are fascinating. Depending on how acidic or basic the soil is, these hydrangeas can change from white to lilac to periwinkle. Each evening trip around the flower garden is well spent.

3) Learning About Wildlife with Dad

My dad had a class in college where he just sat and observed Red Wing Blackbirds for hours, so he knows a thing or two about birds. He can identify nearly every bird call and has an answer to all of my bird questions. Now I can even identify some birds by their calls as well as what they look like. Ask him about animal tracks or anything that the cat drags in, and he'll know what it is.

4) Hanging Out with Grandpa

When my sisters and I were young we used to go on a fishing trip with dad and grandpa every summer in the rivers of beautiful Pennsylvania. From catching live bait to getting our rudder stuck in the lily pads, these trips were never short on excitement. I'll always take the time to sit down and listen to the interesting stories he has to tell, plus there's nothing better than his warm bear hugs and the smell of old spice.

5) Spending A Week Each Summer At “Auntie Camp”

My sister and I are now twenty-twos and nineteen but we’ve been going to my aunt’s house since we were about Six and Nine Years Old; a trip she cleverly named “auntie camp”. It's seen countless life changes, new dogs, and new boyfriends and it's always jammed packed full of fun. Whether we’re in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania, “what happens at Auntie camp stays at Auntie camp”.

6) Watching Shows with Mom

We've never missed an episode of Castle, Royal Pains, or The Last Ship. Not to mention HGTV’s Property Brothers, Love It Or List It, and Food Network Star. Nothing beats kicking back and relaxing with a good show and laughing with my mom. We love the same shows and enjoy watching them together; still bitter about a few choice series that were canceled…

7) Cooking with Mom

She is a wicked good cook and I want to learn as much as I can, plus it can be really fun as long as she lets me get in the kitchen. We share a love of food and trying new things, learning from the master gives me new-found confidence when I'm cooking on my own. Having a mom that puts a five-star meal on the table every night while also managing to make it carb free, is just amazing.

8) Drinking Together

Sharing a nice glass of wine by the pool stirs up laughable conversations and a comfort you can’t get anywhere else. Whether its my sisters and brother-in-law on the amalfi coast, or digging up some old memories at home with the family, as long as the bota is full the good times are rolling.

9) Acting Like a Kid With My Sisters

We can still laugh about the inside jokes we had as kids and almost always know what the other is thinking. Certain statements stir up laughter that results in our stomach muscles killing and us trying not to spit food everywhere. No matter what, someone is always there to back you up on any decisions that mom and dad are not a big fan of.

10) Getting to See My Oldest Sister

Because everyone else, including her, thinks it's no big deal when she comes over. My oldest sister lives an hour away with her own family now, so she only visits every once in awhile. I try to soak up each minute of her visit and make it worthwhile before she goes back home. When I was younger I might not have cared about seeing her every few weeks, but being away for so long and missing out on crucial parts of her life makes me treasure whatever time we have together.

11) Coming Home From School

After a few stressful weeks at college, coming home and being wrapped in a warm and familiar hug puts me immediately at ease. There is no feeling that can match that of coming home and having everything exactly the way I left it, complete with my cats, a warm bed, and a nice clean shower.

Our family has made it through three moves to college, new jobs, and semesters in foreign countries, just to name a few. I am lucky to have an everlasting support system that's there through all of my troubles in college. I can always count on my family to be there and they can always count on me.

Always put family before friends because friends can leave, but family stay by your side forever.

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