I think everyone can safely agree that 2016 was a year for the books, but not necessarily in the best ways. I think the best way to express exactly the kind of year 2016 was is in memes. While many more than this are circulating the Internet currently, here are the eleven memes that I think effectively describe the year 2016.

1. Who doesn't relate to Anne Hathaway?

2. Or Patrick Star...

3. It always comes back to Harambe

4. And thank God that clown thing didn't last long

5. Only a few more weeks guys

6. And Barb hurt the most (s/o Stranger Things fans)

7. For some reason the days just kept feeling longer and longer

8. But God bless the Olympics for giving us two weeks of hope

9. Both sides have to agree with this...

10. Only three more weeks, let's hope it doesn't take any more.

11. Maybe 2017 will bring us hovercrafts, who knows?

Hopefully this list at least brought you a chuckle, God knows we all need it. Here's to hoping that 2017 treats us all better than 2016 has.