11 Things ALL Makeup Lovers Know To Be True

11 Things ALL Makeup Lovers Know To Be True

2. Concealer can fake the best night's sleep.

I'm a die-hard makeup addict. It's bad. Ulta and Sephora have collected almost all of my paychecks, and my family is convinced I need an intervention. Kidding, but my love for makeup is real. As a makeup lover, here are a few things we all know to be true.

1. A little bit of mascara can fix any problem.

2. Concealer can fake the best night's sleep.

3. When you can't work out, contour.

4. You say you're just going to do some "chill makeup" and it turns into full-on GLAM.

5. Getting even winged liner is one of the biggest accomplishments in life.

6. The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale and Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty should be considered national holidays.

7. You never a ruin a good makeup day by crying, unacceptable.

8. There is a huge difference between tinted moisturizer and foundation.

9. The people who ask if your falsies are your real lashes are the true MVPs.

10. Why would I ever waste my makeup for the sake of a boy? I do my makeup for myself.

11. Never trust a B that doesn't like a blinding highlight.

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14 Reasons Why Long And Thick Hair Is Fake News And It Sucks

Hair everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I've had long and thick hair all my life. I have my Cherokee heritage to thank for that. It certainly has it's perks, but I ask myself at least 20x daily if it's really worth it. Here are

1. Your hair is everywhere

This isn't even an exaggeration. Your hair is everywhere. Ever heard that rumor about how you're never more than 6 feet from a spider. Well, with think and long hair, you're never more than 6 INCHES away from your shedded hair.

2. Your local store is suspicious of you because of how much drain unclogging liquid you go through in a week

The hair builds up in your drain so quickly. You have to unclog your sinks and bath drain at least once every few days.

3. You feel like a murderer with how many hair ties you kill on a weekly basis

Some girls have lucky hair ties that last them months. You can barely get to the end of the week without breaking your extra thick hair tie.

4. Your partner refuses to be the big spoon because of how much hair falls on their face

Can you blame them though?

5. Your stray hairs end up in between your toes when you sleep

Can you name anything more uncomfortable?

6. You cannot exercise without braiding your hair

If you don't, you'll spend at least an hour trying to detangle it.

7. Your head is immune to the pain of having your hair pulled

You honestly just get used to it. It doesn't hurt anymore after your 8th-ish birthday.

8. You can forget trying to style it

Unless you've found some magical hairspray that holds even the thickest of hair, chances are you don't even bother using gel or spray because it simply won't work.

9. You are a dust magnet

If you brush your hair when you're not in the shower, you'll see how much dust flies out of your hair.

10. If you make any food, even just a PB&J, you have to put your hair in hairnet

If you don't, your hair will wind up in it somehow. Funny story, when my boyfriend and I were first dating I was in the kitchen while he was preparing his last meal (a weird yogurt thing - idk, it's a body builder meal thing). I did not prep his food.

I did not touch his food. I was not even NEAR his food, but half way through eating it he pulls out a long brown hair covered in greek yogurt. Disgusting, I know.

11. You constantly mistake your hairballs for spiders

The resemblance is uncanny. Every time you see one of your hairballs on the floor, you immediately think "SPIDER!"

12. You have to wash it every 24 hours

The second it hits 24 hours and :01 seconds, you immediately feel your hair getting dirty, oily, and gross.

13. Blowdrying takes FOREVER

14. You have to keep your hair pinned back whenever you do ANYTHING that requires focus

If you don't, it just gets in your way.

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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Black History Month Poem: Knots

Accepting and loving black beauty

Hours, days, months…At least it feels like it,

When I’m sitting in that chair,

Enduring those troublesome knots on my head.

My fingers can’t help but get stuck when I play with them,

In an attempt to “fix it” before the comb can inflict any pain.

The drops of water…or the survivors… after the wash,

Slide down the ends,

Quietly joining the collection of dead hair clumped on the floor.

The holder of the comb hoots and hollers:

“You got some thick hair!”

“Look at these naps!”

I start to wonder whose scalp is being tugged…

And whose neck is sore from being jerked in different directions.

Those little rebels on my head refuse to de-tangle,

My tender head can’t help but feel attacked, when the comb aggressively grabs the root,

Leaving behind a throbbing soreness.

Why? Why can’t this process be less painful, easy?

Why? Why can’t it be like there’s?

Straight, easy, accepted.

Beautiful when wet.

It is not until those hours are up…

The final touches are made,

The smoke from the dryer clears,

The mirror is held up to reveal the truth & dispel the ugly thoughts,

Unraveling the beauty.

Though tough, my knots are not flawed...

The pain they bring is no mistake,

They are worth every minute, every hour.

Black beauty is pain, but it is worth fighting for.

No matter the form, my hair should be proud…

So it can develop its own flow against the wind,

So it can voice its pride as it immortalizes the culture within me.

Cover Image Credit: pinterest

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