11 Insane Diseases That Prove Drug Addiction Is Not A Disease
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11 Insane Diseases That Prove Drug Addiction Is Not A Disease

Drug Addiction is a choice and this proves it.

11 Insane Diseases That Prove Drug Addiction Is Not A Disease
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Recently, there has been a nationwide argument whether a drug addiction is a disease or not. I agree with the statement that it is not a disease. Cancer is a disease. Alzheimer's is a disease. HIV is a disease. Malaria is a disease. Meningitis is a disease. No one chooses to have those diseases. Something like drug addiction is NOT a disease. You can put a drug addict in a room for a couple of weeks and they will go through drug withdrawal. If they are not too far along, their body will be able to fight the drugs and take on a healing process. You CANNOT place someone with autoimmune hepatitis in a room and pray for them to get better. They need actual treatment. The classification of drug addiction should have an entire category to itself. It is a choice that turns into a combination of a disease and a mental illness, but not quite. Now here are some insane diseases that most people have never heard about.

1. Graves' disease

This happens when your thyroid secretes way too many hormones.

2. Rheumatic fever

This is like strep throat to an entire new level.

3. Bullous pemphigoid

This happens when your immune system fights the good cells in your skin.

4. Transverse myelitis

This is from inflammation in the spinal cord.

5. Vitiligo

This is not albinism, but not far from it.

6. Neutropenia

Having a low number of white blood cells is risky, but this is a deficiency that most people can not totally change.

7. Polymyositis

This involves inflammation in the muscles.

8. Meniere's disease

Hearing loss, tinnitus, and pain in your inner ear is never fun.

9. Scleroderma

Two words: Hardened skin.

10. Dermatitis herpetiformis

These unfortunate people have chronic skin rashes and blisters over a long time.

11. Stiff Person Syndrome

It's exactly what it sounds like.

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