13 Daily Tasks To Keep You From Falling Into The Quarantine Funk
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13 Daily Tasks To Keep You From Falling Into The Quarantine Funk

Feeling bummed? Feeling lazy? Try these tips!

13 Daily Tasks To Keep You From Falling Into The Quarantine Funk

I have definitely fallen into the Quarantine Funk. No, this is not another scary scientific discovery to worry about... relax. This is just what I'm calling the low-energy, low-motivation rut I'm finding myself in due to this time of semi-isolation and boredom.

Doing nothing for a week or two was great. It relaxed me and have me the break from life that I was so in need of. But now on ~week whatever it is~ we're all going a little stir-crazy.

If you've converted to the work-from-home life, you're still busy but can admit that you're not working the strict 8-5 like you'd usually be doing from the office. If you've been laid off and/or unable to find work, you have even more time.

So, what in the world do we do with all of this time when we can't go anywhere? For me, answering this question was difficult since the only thing I had to get done in my life was a house remodel which I don't have near enough money for yet. So now what?!

I don't know about you but my answer has been lots of time scrolling through TikTok, cooking (and therefore eating) way too much, and... nope, I can't think of anything else. I guess that's about it! And it has NOT been cutting it.

All of the laying around is feeling meaningless and weirdly draining for involving so little. It's not working for me anymore and I'd bet it's not working for you either.

So, let's make some changes:

1. Don't sleep through your days just because you can.

It's tempting, I know. Especially if you're not used to having so much free time. Sleep enough - but don't oversleep every day. It'll just have the opposite effect and make you feel even groggier.

2. Don't let your laundry pile up.

Wash clothes when they're dirty even though you probably have nowhere to go and put clothes away when they're clean even though you think no one is going to see your room a mess - YOU ARE. And that's enough to prompt a 10-second tidy.

3. Don't let your mail pile up.

This goes for emails and paper mail! Create folders or some sort of organization system. Don't let yourself fall behind just because life isn't requiring you to be as on the ball as you usually are.

4. Set an alarm before going down the rabbit hole on your phone.

Set an alarm for the amount of time you feel is fair to spend playing aimlessly on your phone prior to getting sucked in and losing track of time. This is helpful to keep you from wasting too much time when you have no plans keeping you on a schedule.

5. Get ready for the day.

Don't be going through every day in the messy bun you fell asleep in the previous night or the same giant sweatshirt you wear every day. Of course, take your PJ days. But most days, wash your face, do your hair, and put on a comfy outfit that you like that's NOT what you wore to bed the night before. It just makes you feel good.

6. Stay hydrated!

This may not apply to everyone, but I know I tend to drink less water when I'm at home all day or when I'm feeling funky and out of it. It seems like the opposite would result from being home all day but, when I'm having less designated break/mealtimes like I have been over this stay-at-home period, I drink less water. This helps NOTHING and making a point to drink more will help you more than you know.

7. Get rid of clutter.

This will make you feel so good and so accomplished. Living in a cluttered space can create stress and get you feeling funky... not in a good way. Sell those high heels you've barely ever touched on Poshmark and donate a handful of books or t-shirts you've had for years.

8. Get outside every day.

Rain or shine, even if that looks like you standing under your awning just to get your mail. Breathe in the fresh air. Take a step outside your house. If you're feeling the urge to kill some time aimlessly on your phone, do it outside during sunny weather!

9. Don't try to get away with less work.

You'll just fall behind and create unnecessary stress for yourself. Remember - just because you're not physically at work doesn't mean you aren't still expected to produce a full day's worth full of work.

10. Get some form of physical activity in at least every other day.

Take a walk or run in the sun, do yoga indoors on a rainy morning, or swim some laps in the pool. 30 minutes of some type of movement every day would be great but unrealistic for some people, so don't kick yourself if you take a day to yourself to relax. Just, generally, keep moving! Even if that's just a 30-minute stretch before bed.

11. Add something new to your routine each day.

These days have been blending together and you may have started to feel like you're wasting time. Adding at least one tiny new activity to every day helps prevent this feeling. This can be anything from taking a morning walk or sitting outside for lunch if you don't usually do this to getting ingredients together to try making a new recipe for dinner or watching an instructional video on something you've been wanting to learn.

12. Keep up with your personal hygiene!

Don't slack on showers or self-care. This is sadly easy to fall behind on when you're in a depressive funky funk. Taking care of your body helps to take care of your mind!

13. Pick up a project that allows for creativity.

Whether this means redesigning a room in your house, or crafting, this will give you something to put your energy into when you find yourself with a bunch of free time. You'll feel more purposeful and come out of this quarantine knowing you accomplished something big!

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