11 Foods College Students Cannot Get Enough Of
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11 Foods College Students Cannot Get Enough Of

Snacks, drinks, and all the foods that get college kids throughout the day.

11 Foods College Students Cannot Get Enough Of

They say that during your first year in college you gain 15 pounds from all of the snack food you are going to end up eating. This is what is often referred to as "The Freshman 15", and it's no joke. When you are shuffling between classes all day you do not really have any options to eat healthy. There simply is not enough time to fasten together a salad or wholesome meal. Then even after the classes there are still clubs and homework to worry about, therefore the average college student has to run off of cheap, easy to prepare foods or snacks to get through the week. Yet what may sound like an awful run-down diet really is just one of those college experiences that can define your time in school, and if you are a college student it just kinda becomes part of your daily routine. Often times this routine may be shared with friends almost ritualistically. Sharing food, going grocery shopping, or going on a snack run at 1:00 am are all examples of this. So what are some popular foods/snacks do college kids love? Well here are some examples:

1. Cookies

Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Keebler products, you name it. College kids can't get enough of conveniently packed sweets. Which often times are readily available in any store and make for the perfect on the go dessert. With a little bit of milk, it nearly takes you back to your childhood; back to a time where you did not have 2 papers and a project due by Monday.

2. Chips (and other bagged salty snacks)

Another conveniently bagged food, chips are the complimentary to sweets as they are often crispier and saltier. Nothing beats a nice bag of chips or pretzels after a hectic day full of classes. In fact, they can even be a convenient on-the-go snack between classes. There are also other types of bagged foods college kids love. For some people trail mix or a bag of peanuts can go a long way during the day.

3. Candy

For the weekend or late nights studying, candy offers that reward and sweet validation college kids crave in between assignments. Whether you are a chocolate fan or gummy worm fan you cannot deny the sweet taste of readily available, and often cheap candy. No all-nighter could be complete without a little bit of candy.

4. Coffee

No all-nighter could be complete without coffee either. Coffee is one of the most essential parts of the college kid's diet. Often praised as the ichor of the gods, coffee offers that boost of energy college students need to get through their 8:00 am class or all-nighter. It is an addicting drink, and after one semester you will be hooked on coffee. Whether it is served hot or cold college students need their caffeine to survive.

5. Energy/granola bars

Any kind of snack bar is a great replacement for breakfast. They can also go with morning coffee quite nicely. Granola can actually be quite filling, and its a quick fix for hunger. Also, energy bars are great replacements for coffee when it's not available. That is why they are so popular among college students looking for quick solutions for hunger and energy.

6. Soda

Soda is probably the only hyper thing for all of the underage college students to enjoy when they are stuck with nothing to do on a Friday night. Sugary drinks give us the illusion that we are having a party when we are really just sitting with our friends in crowded dorm rooms scrolling through our phones. They are also the drink of choice in the dining halls and go great with takeout.

7. Juice

Juice is good for those of us who want to be "healthier" but still enjoy a sugary drink. But it's also a great way to get in vitamins without already empty calorie diet. Plus it is a go-to beverage when you get sick. Kinda makes you believe it will help you feel better when you do not have time to go to the wellness center.

8. Canned foods

Anything from Campbell's soups to Chef Boyardee can be found on the shelves of various college students. Easy to store, and often better than cafeteria food, canned foods ensure college kids do not have to go hungry when they finally run out of chips.

9. Frozen foods

The next step up from canned foods is frozen meals. They offer college students a variety of options fro when they can't make it for dinner in the dining hall or need to stay cooped up in their rooms all weekend long. Pasta, fried chicken, Chinese food - frozen meals make it all possible for those who have mini fridges.

10. Pizza

Pizza is just one of those foods that's so available and so convenient. Plus it is just so good! Therefore it is no wonder why it can be so beloved on college campuses. While college students love it, they can also hate it. On one hand, its pizza and who does not love pizza? On the other, it is too popular and dining halls and clubs seem to give us nothing but pizza sometimes, so it can get old. But it's a great food for every now and again!

11. Ramen

No list of popular foods in college would be complete without including ramen. Probably the cheapest item on the list, it is great for college kids on a budget. There is also lots of flavors such as beef, chicken, and shrimp, and it is super filling. Ramen is definitely associated with college students as a popular food for consumption. And it will probably stay that way considering how high tuition already is and how easy it is to make.
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