11 Of The Best Film And TV Soundtracks
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11 Of The Best Film And TV Soundtracks

Discover new music for every mood.

11 Of The Best Film And TV Soundtracks
Boston Hassle

What makes a good movie? Or a good television show? Is it vivid characters? Or is it an exciting plot? What about the music? Music is key to help an audience know what to feel and when to feel it and it can provide another layer to an already fantastic piece of film. Here is my list of some of the best film or television soundtracks for your listening pleasure.

1. "La La Land"

I’m sure we’re all aware of this film’s reception and the hubbub surrounding it. The soundtrack, of course, is a large part of its charm. With modern twists on show tunes and a mix of jazz and contemporary songs, this soundtrack is perfect for a drive or just casual listening.

2. "Celeste and Jesse Forever"

This adorable indie comedy has that typical indie comedy soundtrack with weird synth tunes and classic oldies. Mixed together, this album is a perfect soundtrack for a dinner party or an evening on your patio.

3. "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Wes Anderson’s films are always full of charm and oddities, and his scores tend to follow a similar pattern. This soundtrack entwines many quirky sounds for a rhythmic and calming mix that is a perfect studying playlist.

4. "Begin Again"

Any of John Carney’s movie musical soundtracks would qualify for this list, but "Begin Again" takes first billing. The songs in this film feature Keira Knightley’s soft, sweet voice and quirky pop backing. If you’ve seen the film, the songs have even more value but if you haven’t seen it...you probably should soon.

5. "Big Little Lies"

If you’re one of those people who hasn’t binged the entire show yet, you can still enjoy the soundtrack. The songs are slow, acoustic and sometimes creepy, all to mirror the vibes of the seaside California town the show takes place in.

6. "Where the Wild Things Are"

This soundtrack seeks to match the whimsy and magic Spike Jonze’s film brings to life. With strumming guitar, lulling vocals, and chill drum beats, this album is also a great study buddy.

7. "Guardians of the Galaxy"

This non-Avengers Marvel movie was widely successful, and it’s easy to see why. Combine charming Chris Pratt, lovable and odd characters, a classic soundtrack and you’ve got a blockbuster. Featuring some of the best music from the 1970s, this soundtrack is a jazzy way to start your morning.

8. "The Social Network"

If you want a soundtrack done right, you recruit Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. In addition to this masterpiece, they composed the “Gone Girl” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” scores as well. A common theme is that dark doom and gloom vibe they do so well.

9. "Moonlight"

A beautiful film should have beautiful accompaniment as well. The soundtrack of “Moonlight” is intricate, elegant and lulling in all the right places. Another great soundtrack to study to or just admire the beauty of.

10. "Dazed and Confused"

Another fantastic snapshot of music at the time, this soundtrack is full of fun and memorable songs of the era. This nostalgic playlist is perfect for a day out and about or an afternoon relaxing.

11. "Boyhood"

A soundtrack with music spanning 18 years is no easy feat, but this score manages to encapsulate the best of the best, and still while underlining the mood of the film in full.
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