We've all been there. You find yourself screaming at what you thought was your friend, your buddy, your partner-in-crime. Halfway through the argument you realize you hear more love in their scream and see more passion in their eyes than any other opponent you've faced. It's at this pivotal moment when you realize this is a fight only best friends could have.

1. The we've spent too much time together fight.

Why are they breathing like that!!!???

2. The not in the mood to talk sh** fight.

The second you want to talk sh** about your ex's new girl they become Mother Theresa. She's not "probably a really nice person."

3. The I'm not accepting that your in a bad mood fight.

When they just don't let you be miserable.

4. The your using all my sh** all the time fight.

I'm not like mad...I just wish you would have asked.

5. The why didn't you tell me about that fight.

6. The you're not allowed to have other best friends fight.

Do you like her more than me!?

7. The I called dibs fight.

Are you flirting with him? Like you know I like him!

8. The drunken I don't know why we're arguing fight.

Best time to bring up something that happened three months ago.

9. The you spend too much time with your boyfriend fight.

It's not that I hate him. I just don't know why you're with him and I don't want you to bring him up to me ever.

10. The he doesn't like you, why do you talk to him fight.

He's just not that into you.

11. The get your shit together fight.

At the end of the day, like ugh, you know I love you. I didn't even mean what I said. You're my best friend.