Better time management is something that I've figured out during my first three semesters of college. Since they emerged from my real life experiences (and mistakes if we're being honest!) they all have a hearty dose of realism. I hope this tips and hacks will help you live your best college life with minimal panic and all-nighters and maximize those wonderful moments where you feel like a genius and your education is worth the thousands you are paying for it!

1. Productive Procrastination!

If you don't want to write that paper, then do your laundry, that 57 page reading and hit the gym instead. Then when the deadline looms you can focus on the paper.

2. Being a functional human is NOT a waste of time.

Eating a nutritious meal, adequately sleeping, and showering aren't wastes of time.Taking care of yourself makes you healthier, feel more human and hopefully be more productive.

3. Always carry something to do.

Bring that reading to dinner, figure out your thesis statment in the shower, bring your textbook along to that appointment. If you have any random downtime, you can maximize it!

4. Figure out the ideal way to study and DO IT!

Don't waste more time trying to find the absolutely perfect way to study if you have a pretty good way that gets the job done.

5. If you are confused, try to solve the problem.

Sitting around confused is a colossal waste of time. Is there a TA, textbook or professor that can help? Don't be ashamed of not knowing, just get the assistance you need.

6. Turn off your ringers/notifications.

You can live without it for 2 hours. If you have a good reason why you need that electronic ding, try limiting how many times you check it. You probably aren't been the most productive if you check your email every 15 minutes. (Guilty as charged on that one...)

7. Make a to-do list the night before.

Eliminate the potential for procrastinating on making the list in the morning.

8. Break tasks into achievable, manageable assignment on this list, otherwise it's useless.

Don't say "Write my essay", break it down into 15 or 20 steps. Also, ticking off checkboxes will make you feel better.

9. Call it a must-accomplish or conquer list.

It works, trust me.

10. You are your own person.

That's a big part of college. Lots of opportunities concentrated in one place, you just need to manage your time so you can fit what's important to you into your college life.Try planing your whole week out in advance. So if something fun or an important matter surprises you, you already know how to adjust things so you still can accomplish everything.

11. Occasionally, reflect on your schedule/obligations

Is there a way to make it better/more efficient/more enjoyable?

Isn't that the whole reason you want to get organized-so you can actually embrace the wondrous experience called college?