11 Clever Couples Halloween Costumes

1. Jasmine and Rajah

What's a girl without her cat (man)?

Who wants to be the typical Aladdin and Jasmine when Rajah exists? Just because you're a crazy cat lady, doesn't mean you can't be in a relationship.

2. Dexter and Victim

"Tonight's the night" to have an awesome costume.

3. 3D Viewmaster and Slidereel

I found what I'm looking for.

4. Trophies

Prized possessions. (Wink Wink). They're golden.

5. Bob Ross and Canvas

Paint me like a French girl.

Or just paint "happy trees" on me. We're a happy couple, right?

6. Gertie and Elliot

"E.T. phone home."

You always see people as Elliot, so why not add Gertie to the equation?

7. Chuck Noland and Wilson


No one wants to lose their best friend. I know I would wanna be stranded on an island with my love.

8. Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus

What is a relationship without "A RomANTS!"


9. Lightening Strike and Victim


He struck her heart with his love.

10. Tetris Pieces

There are always two pieces that fit together.

No one is alone.

11. Google Maps

Two people always connect. There will always be a point A to a point B.

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