11 Cheap Dates To Go On In Fargo/Moorhead
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11 Cheap Dates To Go On In Fargo/Moorhead

Enjoy your time together without worrying about spending too much money in the process.

11 Cheap Dates To Go On In Fargo/Moorhead

The seasons are changing again and it's starting to get warmer outside. If you're in a relationship, and you're anything like me and my fiance, you're going to want to start going out on dates again. But, you also realize that dates are really expensive and you're trying to save your money or you just don't have that much money to spend in the first place. I feel your struggle. So, I decided to give you my list of things to do for date night that won't be too expensive.

1. Applebee's dinner

Applebee's might not be the cheapest restaurant in town, that honor would definitely go to McDonald's, but it does have 2 for $20 meals which are great. They also have, our personal favorite, the weekday lunch hour specials. These specials consist of choosing two small portions for anywhere between $8 and $10 depending on if you get two signature options ($10), two classic options ($8), or one of each ($9). These lunch specials are amazing because my fiance and I don't eat too much at restaurants, so we share the plate, each of us getting one of the smaller portioned options. This gives both of us full stomachs as well as a meal for two for only $10.

2. Going for a walk

This is one that you can easily do no matter where you are. Taking a walk allows you and your significant other to enjoy the beauty of Fargo/Moorhead while still being in each other's company. Walking also allows you time to talk about things if you're just getting to know each other, or take pictures with them to have with you for the rest of your life. Plus, it's great exercise which is a bonus.

3. Pokemoning

Now some of you might not be as nerdy as my fiance and me, but this is a great way to spend time together while also entertaining. For me, it's always great to see her face light up when she hatches a new Pokemon or evolves that one Pokemon that she's been walking with for months. But if you really don't want to download the game, I guess driving and listening to music works just as well.

4. Going to Island Park

There are a lot of great things at Island Park. For those who play Pokemon, there are plenty of pokestops, but for other, there are also some beautiful flowers and statues. There is a theatre there, so you can go catch a show (though I don't know how expensive that is) and the YMCA is there as well, so you can get involved in the community. Sometimes there will be events at Island Park as well, like LGBTQ Pride in August. If you don't live too close to Island Park, maybe visit a park that's closer. Parks are always great to release your inner child and have fun with your significant other.

5. Going to West Acres Mall

Now, depending on how much you choose to spend, the mall could be a really cheap place to go if you just want to get out of the house. My fiance and I usually visit the puppies and desperately wish we could take them back home with us. If it wasn't for the no-pets rule on campus we would have brought one home by now. But we also like to look in Hot Topic and Spencer's so we can add to our button collection. You don't have to buy anything when you go to the mall though. Sometimes we like to go there and just look at everything while we avoid the temptation to buy anything. Either way, the West Acres Mall is a great place to hang out with your partner.

6. Bowling

Every year Concordia College hands out these coupon catalogues that hold a variety of coupons for the academic year. These coupons range from restaurants and groceries to auto care and hair cuts. There are also three coupons to Sunset Lanes that give you one free game of bowling each. My fiance and I have used these coupons in the past and it was a great time. We ended up getting a bunch of our friends together to go with us and we had a big group go to bowling night. Bowling is a great way to get out of the house and doing something with your significant other that you can't do every day. And it's sure to produce some laughs and memories.

7. $5 movie nights

You can always go to the movies! Tuesdays are college nights at Marcus theaters which includes West Acres Cinema and Century Cinema. College night means that you will get into a movie as well as recieve free popcorn for only $5 with your student ID. This is a great way to see some of the new shows that you've been desperately waiting to see. But don't forget about Moorhead! You could also go to Safari Cinema where you can get in to see a movie for only $2. Safari comes with a bit of a hitch though as it only shows movies that are close to coming out on DVD or are already out. But its still a good way to see a movie one time to see if you like it and help you decide if you might want to actually buy the DVD.

8. Farmer's markets on Broadway

Since it's getting warmer outside, there will soon be farmer's markets back on the streets of Broadway. Farmer's markets are always interesting places to see because there are all kinds of different people there. The last time we went to one, we even saw a llama and some pigs. There are many people there who have worked so hard to create everything that you see and hope that you will buy something and maybe a little thing will catch your eye. So go out and support the community as well as see some interesting items that you won't be able to find in any Walmart or Hornbachers.

9. Art galleries

There are so many beautiful galleries of art in the Fargo/Moorhead area. There's the High Plains Art Museum as well as many along Broadway and I think there is usually a free studio crawl in the spring so that you and your partner can walk down Broadway and visit a number of beautiful studios and maybe even talk to the artists about their work.

10. Getting a couple drinks at Micks

Of course I had to add Micks to the list. It's the popular bar for Concordia students because we can just walk there and walk back without having to worry about sober cabs. But they are also fairly cheap. Every Thursday they have mug night where you can buy a mug for only $2.50 or reuse your old one! Refills start at $3 if you have the mug which makes for a great way to drink with you partner while still staying under budget.

11. Train watching

Finally, the trains. Wherever you go in this town, you will most likely run into a train at some point, so why not enjoy it! Sit in your car with your partner and just watch the train go by with the beautiful artwork (or graffiti) on the sides. So relaxing.

But seriously, there are so many things to do with your significant other in a town like Fargo/Moorhead. So enjoy your time together without worrying about spending too much money in the process.

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