11 Apps to Maximize Procrastination
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11 Apps to Maximize Procrastination

Get absolutely nothing done, and love it.

11 Apps to Maximize Procrastination
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Procrastination will be death of our generation. Whenever we get around to dying, that is. We spent the better part our high school years building our own arsenal of tools to defend us against The Deadline: Candy Crush, live-streamed kitten playtime, baking elaborate pastries we have no intention of eating. By college, we've all developed individual styles of procrastination, and we're starting to bond with other like-minded students. Some of us need to vacuum and clean every surface before beginning a paper, others finish the latest season of Pretty Little Liars. And still others work all of their homework that isn't due tomorrow. This article is for those of us who procrastinate with our thumbs. These apps offer a change from the mind-numbing match 3 or time management games, and some even help you procrastinate productively.

1. Neko Atsume.

If you've somehow managed to avoid the cat craze surrounding this top-rated-app, your time is up. Neko Atsume is for the "kitty collector": Set out food and toys for the adorable felines and close the app; when you return you'll be able to watch the kitties play with the fish toy or enjoy a heating mat. Rated 4.6 on Google Play, free to download and play (offers in-app purchases).

2. Polyvore.

This app is perfect for any artist, not just aspiring designers. Pulling from a multitude of sites and brands, Polyvore is an app to create "sets" of objects--clothing or home goods--to fit your current aesthetic. Follow your friends' profiles to see their latest look and easily share outfits and room designs to your favorite social media platform. 4.7 on Google Play, free to download and use.

3. Luminosity.

According to its advertising, Luminosity is a science-based collection of games that trains your brain and enhances its cognitive abilities. It works through assessing your brain's current patterns and presenting you with 3 different games to play each day. It measures your progress through a few different abilities--memory, speed, etc.--that you can track after your brain "workout". Engaging and fun, another plus of this app is that it works without wifi. Good for long plane rides. Rated 4.1 on Google Play. Free to download with limited use (offers in-app purchases and a desktop version).

4. Yik Yak.

Similar to Whisper, this app is basically an anonymous, hyperlocal version of Facebook. Yik Yak shows you all the recent posts from nearby users, and lets you anonymously post and comment yourself. It lets users express opinions on everything from politics to their neighbor's sex habits without fear of judgement. (The app is monitored, and all photos are moderated, but Claremont Yik Yak is generally a very supportive environment). Especially fun for living vicariously from your bed on chilly Friday nights. Rated 3.7 on Google Play.

5. Poshmark.

This is my all-time favorite app. Created to buy and sell clothes that you bought but never wear, Poshmark caters to a mostly female community across the US. Use it to clear out or freshen up your closet, or just window shop through Longchamp bags and VS Pink crews. Rated 4.2 on Google Play.

6. MindNode.

A beautifully chromatic mind mapping app, MindNode lets you organize your thoughts and goals in an easily accessible and color coordinated way. Back it up to your iCloud drive to continue procrastinating on any device, and save your old mind maps periodically so you look back at your college years with nostalgia. Rated 4 stars on the App Store.

7. Starbucks.

Continue the cycle of procrastination with the Starbucks app. Each week it sends you a code for a free app download, and although not all apps are worth the hard drive space, you'll get some amazing apps for free. Rated 4.4 on Google Play.

8. Spotify.

Although you probably already use the app, Spotify--both the mobile or desktop version--has unlimited procrastination potential. Create a Valentine's Day playlist--whether you have plans with your SO or your Netflix account. Or create a workout playlist. Or a napping playlist. Or a homework playlist. Rated 4.5 on Google Play.

9. Periscope.

is an app that caters to many personality types. Whether you're into extreme sports or kittens, it gives you the chance to "explore the world through someone else's eyes". You can livestream your adventures, enjoy someone else's from the couch, or chat with those who share your interests. Rated 3.9 on Google Play.

10. IFTTT.

This app is great to download and set up, but expect to delete is soon after downloading. (While being reminded to drink a glass of water once every hour, or knowing when the International Space Station passes overhead seem fantastic in theory, the notifications tend to become annoying.) That being said, it's a fantastic way to feel productive and in touch with your social media apps for a few hours. Rated 4.2 on Google Play.

11. Overcast.

For devoted postcast-lovers or those who are new to the crazy, Overcast is a solid app with great features that help you listen more efficiently. Whether you get the free version or the premium version (for $2.99-11.99), this well-respected app is a great way to procrastinate while staying up-to-date on your favorite shows.

What's your favorite procrastinating app?

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