8 Things We All Wish Our Little Sisters Knew

I wish I had a big sister so I could have had someone that could have told me a lot of things in life. There is a lot of things I wish I knew growing up, but it doesn't mean I can't be the one to tell you the wisdom I wish I heard more often from a sibling. So here are the 8 things that I wish my big sister had told me.

1. Life is sloppy, but it doesn't mean you need to be

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It is easy to let ourselves go when the world is tumbling down around us. However, if you stand tall, you will succeed no matter what. Always have faith in yourself and now that the world will get better. There is always a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel.

2. Peer pressure is real

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People are always wanting things from us. You don't owe anyone anything ever. Your true friendship will be the ones who support us through the bad or good times. Not the ones who push us to be part of the issue. People will peer pressure you to drink and do drugs in the future, if they haven't already, just don't fall for it. There is a million excuses you can tell them, but the end of the day say no. There is no reason why you should be try and hide the fact that you know its not good or cool to do.

3. Build your own path, rather following someone else's

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I can see how smart and talented you are. There are a million people in the world, everyone going their own paths and directions. You know you are already a unique girl, you don't need to follow someone else around to build yourself a strong future.

4. Mom and Dad are pretty cool when we remember they are human too

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Parents can suck at times. Remember that they are people to. What they been through, we are most likely experiencing in one way or another. So trust, they know a little bit of what they are talking about.

5. Boys don't make any more sense as they get older

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Yeah...sorry sis. And the video game doesn't get better.

6. The work you put in now really does pay off in the end

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It all will be worth it in the end. The work we put on in high school plays off in college. The struggles of yesterday make the dreams of tomorrow. It will happen someday, you just need to get through today.

7. Learn from those around you

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People are going to make a lot of dumb mistakes. Drinking under the influence, experimenting with drugs, ditching school...etc. Watch theirs. Watch and learn from other people. Don't try and go and make your own mistakes. If you do, that is okay and I will always be there for you. But don't try going and experimenting with them.

8. You always have an army of people around you, don't forget that

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Remember, we are all here cheering you on. Even in your darkest hour, your family always got your back. No matter what.

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