Here's One Thing To Do For Every 104 Days Of Summer
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Here's One Thing To Do For Every 104 Days Of Summer

While many of us can't have an awesome Phineas and Ferb summer, we can still try.

Here's One Thing To Do For Every 104 Days Of Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and with it, the pressure to do something cool every day. While many of us can't have an awesome Phineas and Ferb summer, we can still try. Below are 104 things to do on summer vacation.

1. Make homemade ice cream

2. Go on a picnic

3. Have a backyard movie party with friends

4. Get friends together and have a water balloon fight

5. Make popsicles

6. Go stargazing

7. Go on a hike

8. Watch fireworks

9. Have a family movie night

10. Go bowling

11. Fly a kite

12. Go camping

13. Make s'mores

14. Do a crazy/weird science experiment

15. Go to the zoo

16. Play mini golf

17. Spend the day at your local library

18. Go to a museum

19. Organize a scavenger hunt

20. Have a PJ party

21. Make a summer scrapbook

22. Eat a snow cone

23. Watch a baseball game

24. Feed ducks

25. Try a new restaurant

26. Go night swimming

27. Visit a farmers market

28. Tie-dye shirts

29. Go one day without technology

30. Eat from a food trucks

31. Have a movie marathon

32. Ride a rollercoaster

33. Go zip-lining

34. Paint matching mugs

35. Complete a puzzle

36. Make friendship bracelets

37. Go strawberry picking

38. Go rollerblading

39. Take a road trip

40. Do yoga at sunrise

41. Create your own summer instagram hashtag

42. Bury a time capsule

43. Make your own lip balm

44. Do something that scares you

45. Read 5 books

46. Have a photoshoot with friends around town

47. Have a water gun fight

48. Play cops and robbers at night

49. Go laser tag with friends

50. Sleep under the stars

51. Go fishing

52. Finger paint

53. Make a movie

54. Plant a garden

55. Volunteer at your local animal shelter

56. Learn something new

57. Pool volleyball

58. Clean out your closet

59. Go to a midnight movie

60. Go thrift shopping

61. Open a lemonade stand

62. Go to a concert

63. Bake a unicorn cake

64. Learn to play an instrument

65. Have a paint slip and slide

66. Throw someone a surprise party

67. Say "yes" to everything for a day

68. Cook every single thing in a cookbook

69. Try vegetarianism or veganism for a week

70. Throw a pool party

71. Journal everyday

72. Go shopping with your friends

73. Have a sidewalk chalk art show

74. Make a music video

75. Go to a national park

76. Try weird food recipes

77. Visit your local farmers market

78. Play with bubbles

79. Relax in a hammock

80. Put on a fashion show

81. Host a "wore it once" party and wear old prom dresses while eating pizza with friends

82. Have a watermelon eating contest

83. Plant a tree

84. Try every pop tart flavor

85. Dance in the rain

86. Start a YouTube channel

87. Become a dog walker

88. Release a paper lantern

89. Sleep on a trampoline

90. Go for a bike ride

91. Create an inspiration board

92. Go a whole week without wearing makeup

93. Go kayaking

94. Take college tours

95. Make a bucket list

96. Build a fort

97. Go canoeing

98. Go for an early morning run

99. Make a pinata

100. Get your face or body painted

101.Go to an old school diner

102. Take a picture every day of anything

103. Go go karting

104. Make every day count

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