100 More Reasons Trump Is Still Unfit To Be President
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100 More Reasons Trump Is Still Unfit To Be President

Lies and fraud and tweets, oh my!

100 More Reasons Trump Is Still Unfit To Be President

Well, here we are-- 100 days into arguably the worst presidency this country has ever been subjected to. For those who voted for Trump under the guise of changes taking place, these past 3 months have been nothing but a series of disappointments. The rest of us have been holding our breaths and preparing for the next temper tantrum that could potentially launch us into World War III. But no matter what end of the political spectrum you lie on, there is clear evidence to prove that Trump is still completely unqualified to be Commander in Chief. Before the election, I wrote a piece called "50 Reasons Donald Trump is Unfit to be President". All 50 of those reasons still stand and now, unfortunately, there are many more reasons that have come to light. Here is a non-exhaustive list of 100 more reasons Trump is still unfit to lead this country.

1. He has kept nearly none of his campaign promises

2. The American Health Care Act proposal was a complete failure

3. Which is a good thing, ultimately, as it would leave 24 million people without coverage


4. The wall is not being built (also a good thing, IMO)

5. His cabinet is made up of buffoons with very little relevant political experience

6. The members of his cabinet possess the equivalent combined wealth of ⅓ of the country


7. They are also full of conflicts of interest over major issues such as environmental protection and education

8. A climate change denier is in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency

9. The proposed head of the Labor Department has been violating labor laws for his entire career (He is no longer being considered)

10. Ben Carson has been appointed the Director of Housing and Urban Defense, despite claiming himself that he is unqualified for the job

11. A conspiracy theorist that propagated numerous myths, including one that claimed that the Clintons were running a child sex ring, has top security clearance

12. Sean Spicer made some painfully insensitive, historically inaccurate comments about the Holocaust


13. Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns

14. He’s under FBI investigation for potentially being tied to Russia

15. He has been accused of sexual assault or harassment by at least 12 women

16. He claimed to be immune from being investigated, simply because he’s president

17. Spoiler alert, he’s not

18. He appointed Ivanka to a government position and gave her security clearance that she is completely unqualified for

19. He has also invited her to closed-door conversations with foreign nations and then immediately established Trump Organizations in those countries


20. He appointed his son-in-law, who has no government experience as an advisor

21. Trump invited his sons, the inheritors of Trump Organization, to a dinner he attended with major Silicon Valley figures

22. These past 4 are all conflicts of interest

23. They’re also known as nepotism, which is strictly forbidden


24. He is still maintaining control (and collecting income from) his businesses

25. His wife and son are living in NYC, which is costing taxpayers $50 million per year and is completely unnecessary

26. He has given the army unprecedented control over decision-making

27. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about-- claiming we bombed Iraq, not Syria


28. He also hasn’t taken a history class in a very long time

29. He was asked about Tennessee and then went on a tangent praising Andrew Jackson and claiming that there was no reason for the Civil War


Also, Fact Check: Andrew Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War started and personally owned hundreds of slaves

30. He’s already cost taxpayers over $20 million going to Mar-A-Lago for weekend getaways

31. He’s on track to exceed Obama’s entire vacation cost, from both of his terms, in just one year

32. He went golfing 19 times in the first 100 days of his presidency


33. His approval ratings are at an all-time low

34. He has tried to discredit journalists and others who speak out against him

35. This included calling major news sources “FAKE NEWS” and “The enemy of the American people”


36. And berating the media for publishing unflattering pictures of him

37. He banned some major journalists from attending briefings due to unfavorable coverage

38. He accused Boeing of ripping off the government when their CEO expressed his disagreement with Trump’s policies

39. He has proposed budget cuts that will defund various educational, environmental, and health care programs currently benefitting millions of people

40. His travel ban is blatantly racist and against the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of religion

41. The travel ban only applies to countries that Trump does not have business ties in


42. The travel ban does not include countries where terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda were based

43. When judges opposed the ban, Trump attacked them, which is unconstitutional

44. The proposed wall between the US and Mexico would not be any more than a waste of resources

45. Non-criminal undocumented immigrants, many with families, are being arrested and deported

46. He promised to deport native-born citizens whose parents are undocumented immigrants, a blatant violation of the 14th Amendment

47. He accused the Obama administration of wiretapping his phones-- a criminal act that the FBI dismissed as baseless


48. He opted out of intelligence briefings as president-elect and said that he would continue to do so because, "You know, I’m, like, a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years."

49. Therefore, his intelligence briefings are coming from “a number of sources,” not the government intelligence agencies

50. He suggested that he would cut funding to Meals on Wheels, claiming that it was a compassionate thing to do

51. He called the court system a threat to national security when it wouldn’t enforce his (unconstitutional) Muslim ban

52. He also proposed the creation of a database forcing Muslims to register (remind you of anyone?)

53. He openly criticized Nordstrom for not selling Ivanka’s clothing line


54. He immediately dismisses anyone who talks about his failures to the media

55. He can’t take a joke (see SNL)

56. He threatened to invade Mexico… after telling the Mexican president “You have a bunch of bad hombres down there

57. He falsely accused Iran of launching an attack on the United States

58. He allowed the comparison of the 2016 election to 9/11’s Flight 93, theoretically comparing Hillary’s win to the terror that resulted from the hijacked planes

59. Speaking of the 2016 election; whether or not Trump rightfully won is open for debate

60. Trump claimed that the election was rigged when he wasn’t winning, then continued to claim it was rigged when he didn’t win by as much as he wanted to

61. Gerrymandering, the electoral college, and Russian interference could possibly have swayed the election results

62. He is continuing to spread lies about the turnout of the election, claiming that millions of undocumented voters voted illegally (against him, of course)


63. He has also promoted lies about voter fraud in states where he didn’t win by as much as he thought he should have

64. He lies. About everything. From the turnout at his rallies to the scandals of his past to his taxes

65. He has threatened to withhold money from “sanctuary cities” that prevent the federal government from enforcing immigration laws

66. This was ruled unconstitutional as it violated the separation of powers between the presidency and Congress

67. He has even gone so far as to order the Department of Homeland Security to publish a list of alleged crimes committed by undocumented immigrants in these cities

68. He has threatened to withdraw U.S. funding from the United Nations

69. Steve Bannon and other right-wing op-ed writers are responsible for crafting his executive orders, allowing him to release them so suddenly and ensuring that they cater to the values of the far-right

70. His staff is incredibly unprofessional and leaks embarrassing stories of stupid things Trump does and says

71. Trump does and says a lot of stupid things

72. His administration has eliminated several important pages from the White House website


73. This includes replacing the climate change website with a website about drilling for oil

74. He also put a gag order on the agencies whose websites were tampered with, so they aren’t allowed to speak to the media about the problem

75. He made a threat to China that, if upheld, would cause a war in the South China Sea

76. He’s undermined the authority of the CIA

77. He’s open to the idea of developing more nuclear weapons

78. His inauguration was a complete bust

79. Trump discredited Obama while simultaneously praising Putin for being an efficient leader

80. He takes to Twitter for every disagreement and every temper tantrum


81. He’s compromising the security of National Monuments, opening them up for drilling and mining

82. He calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” in reference to her Native American heritage

83. “Alternative facts

84. The administration is making up terrorist attacks such as the "Bowling Green Massacre” to racially profile Muslims

85. They’re accusing the protesters coming to events such as the Women’s March of being hired actors


86. The number of hate crimes has risen steadily after having been fueled by the hateful rhetoric of the election

87. Trump practices “Twitter Foreign Policy” by criticizing and mocking other nations

88. He’s provoked China to threaten the United States over Taiwan’s sovereignty

89. He named his lawyer, a clear anti-semitic, the Israeli minister

90. He does not consult the Department of Foreign Affairs before approaching other countries, particularly ones with heightened tensions

91. He also uses unsecured phone lines to communicate with foreign leaders

92. He’s empathized with the Philippine president who is exterminating his own people and expressing admiration for Hitler “exterminating the impure”

93. North Korea has warned us that we’re facing decent odds of World War III due to Trump aggravating our relationship with the North Koreans

94. He claimed that Mike Pence got harassed by the Hamilton cast


95. His fake university led him to a fraud case that he settled for $25 million

96. He used his charity funds for his own self-interest

97. He has approved the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through Native American territory and has even supposedly personally invested in the pipeline

98. He’s vowed to expand gun-owner rights and repeal restrictions put in place by the Obama administration

99. He’s discontinued Michelle Obama’s program, “Let Girls Learn” which helps provide young girls with a high-quality education

100. He was never qualified to be president in the first place and there is no reason he should have ever been able to get this far

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