I genuinely love Justin Timberlake, but... his halftime show was Not Good. Words that come to mind are "mediocre" and "below average". Here's a short list of (totally reasonable) things that could've made this Superbowl show an iconic celebration for the ages.

1. Real trolls dancing on to the field during "Can't Stop The Feeling"

2. An *NSYNC reunion

Honestly, this would've been HUGE. And they're pretty stupid for not doing it.

3. A resurrection ceremony in which Prince rises from the dead and takes over the show.

4. Justin Timberlake pulling his nip slip and just tearing off that horrible outfit.

Spoiler alert: It wouldn't have ended his career. And he'd still manage to be asked back eventually.

5. JT actually singing for more than 10% of the show.

6. Some better fashion choices.

We spent half of the show just scrutinizing his outfit.

7. Lady Gaga descending from the roof like an angelic superhero.

8. Instead of Justin TIMBERLAKE... we could've had Justin TUCKER performing a full opera show.

Who says there's only one "JT"?

9. Some real, live special guests.

Was I the only one expecting more people to join him?

10. Less fake audience members.

The awkward dancing was just... weird.