10 Ways To Stay Creative When You're In A Funk
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10 Ways To Stay Creative When You're In A Funk

Tactics to ensure the juices stay flowing.

10 Ways To Stay Creative When You're In A Funk

In the time of deadlines, I am sure I am not the only one who is running into some creative blockage. Creativity is the sweet combination of imagination and production, and when the two work together, your brain enters a flow state -- this is where the magic happens. Here are some tips for making sure your creative mind stays at work like a well-oiled machine.

1. Exercise.

This one is a no-brainer (literally). Move your body, no matter if it is walking around the block or going for a climb. Exercise increases endorphin production and improves literally every facet of cognitive function.

2. Go outside.

Numbers one and two are best experienced together, I have found. Going outside is prescribed by some (smart) doctors instead of pharmaceuticals. Nature-bathing, as it is called, is proven to ease anxious and therefore self-limiting thoughts. Get out there!

3. Keep an inspiration file.

Keep a notebook or sketchbook to jot down inspiration when it comes. In doing so, you create a compilation of stimulating pieces to leaf through when you are feeling in a rut. Creating a tumblr page has a similar effect; there is a lot of cool art and music on the site, and creating your own page is a good way to make a virtual inspiration file.

4. Listen to music.

This seems obvious, but I mean really try to do yourself the favor of being diligent about keeping your music library organized. Being able to access your favorite genre or playlist in a time of need can make all the difference. Fleetwood Mac always helps me out of writer's block.

5. Meditate.

Sit down, shut up, and clear your effing mind. If you are often high-stress like me, this can prove to be more difficult than it seems. Sit in lotus position (criss-cross applesauce), focus on breathing in through your chest and out through your nose; imagine your sit-bones rooting you to the ground, causing your spine to be both more erect and relaxed. 'Namaste' and shit like that.

6. Clean your space.

I should follow my own advice here. I usually end up chopping vegetables, which is usually along similar lines. If you preoccupy yourself with a mindless task, you can often trick yourself into the flow-state of being in the zone. The cleaning will kill two birds with one stone by also giving yourself a nice, tidy space to work in. I have not often experienced this, but I have reason to believe that it is helpful and nice.

7. Draw the dictionary.

This is a fun game. Open a page of the dictionary, point to a word, and doodle, write, draw. You'd be surprised how inspiring it can be.

8. Write.

Freewrite. Write anything, no matter how dumb it seems as it is coming out. Get the wheels moving and the rust will fall off.

9. Make some coffee.

Ah, coffee. Preferably some good espresso. Can you smell it? Tea works similarly for some, but coffee is the correct way to execute this step.

10. Sleep.

Sometimes you just have to press the reset button, being over-stressed and exhausted can severely stump your cognitive abilities, and render you totally useless creatively. If this is not an option, refer to number 9.

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