10 Ways To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle
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10 Ways To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

It's time we all work to reduce our environmental footprints and allow the planet to flourish as much as possible.


Every day, we make choices that wholly and rapidly affect the planet we call home. To better help the planet, as well as our overall quality of life we must begin to make these choices consciously and with the livelihood of the planet in mind... after-all there is only one Planet Earth.

1. Reduce Plastic Usage 

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, swirling plastic makes up about 40 percent of Earth's water surfaces. Because of this, many animals find themselves entangled in the plastic or in worse cases are killed upon ingestion of said plastic. To cut down plastic usage, consider the following: replace single-use plastic water bottles with a reusable metal bottle, make use of reusable shopping bags when at the grocery store, and use metal or biodegradable paper straws rather than their plastic counterparts. Start living a plastic-free life, y'all!

2. Shop Local

Not only does buying local reap benefits for the local businesses in the market, but it also benefits the planet in that it greatly reduces the congestion, transportation, and pollution that arise widespread shipping.

3. Take Public Transportation and/or ride a bike/walk

By taking public transportation, riding bikes, or simply walking to places we need to be rather than use our own personal automobiles we can greatly minimize air pollution and the size of our carbon footprint

4. Turn 'Em Off!

The "'em" in question is appliances that aren't being used and could easily be turned off until needed again. Not only will this help lessen your carbon footprint, but it will also greatly reduce your electricity bill... a true win-win!

5. Switch to Renewables

By using renewable energy in your life (namely in your home or business), you use essentially zero carbon. Zero carbon that will go back into the atmosphere and affect the planet. Zero carbon that will add to your overall carbon footprint. Zero carbon... YAY!

6. Composting 

Composting is the process of recycling organic materials (that typically would be seen as a waste product) to produce a natural soil fertilizer. Not only does composting help retain soil moisture and suppress plant disease, but it also reduces the number of methane emissions that would occur if the "waste products" were simply dumped in a landfill

7. Recycle

Lots of products we use day-to-day can be recycled and then re-used in the future. By recycling, we greatly minimize the amount of pollution on the planet which in turn reduces possible habitat destruction. So before throwing out your trash, take a minute to see if it can be recycled.

8. Replace your lightbulbs

It's time we all replace our regular lights with the super cool AND super eco-friendly fluorescent lightbulbs. According to StyleCaster, if every American household replaced just ONE regular lightbulb with a fluorescent one, we could effectively reduce pollution to the equivalent of removing one million cars from the streets.

9. Eat Less Meat

I'm not saying meat must be eliminated from your diet completely but rather reduced in the number of times it appears in your meals weekly, monthly, and yearly. Raising livestock such as pigs, chickens, and cows releases greenhouse gas emissions that are equivalent in amount to that of all cars, trucks, and automobiles, so by adopting a more meat conscious diet we can effectively combat various types of pollution, climate change, and various other problems that arise from the production of livestock

10. Vote

Use your voice to put those who are strong environmental advocates into an office and urge other representatives to pass stronger policies that better protect the environment!

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