10 Ways To Enjoy Spring
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10 Ways To Enjoy Spring

The season of new life helps us enjoy ours

10 Ways To Enjoy Spring
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Now that warm weather is finally on the way, the wonderful aroma of spring is beginning to reveal itself. The season of baby animals and new plants prompts us to crawl out of our Netflix-induced hibernation and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. Here are ten things to do as spring finally arrives.

1. Go on a hike

Without the difficulty of maneuvering through snow and ice buildup, taking a long relaxing walk on trails or any outdoors area can help us appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

2. Plant a garden

Vegetables and fruits taste even better when they come from your own labor. If taking care of edible plants is too time consuming, try planting flowers. There are a multitude of flowers to chose from changing in lots of different colors. Caring for a garden can give you a sense of responsibility and an outlet for a difficult day.

3. Plan a picnic

Everyone loves a good picnic with friends or family! But now that spring is on its way, we no longer have to “picnic” in our living room. Try finding a hill that reveals a beautiful landscape and scenery.

4. Make sun tea

My grandma always used to make ice tea in a pitcher and then place it outside in the sun. Supposively this is supposed to enhance the flavor of the tea bag. Add a natural sweetener by mixing in a spoonful of honey.

5. Have a photo shoot

Take a digital camera, Polaroid camera, or phone camera and explore nature with photography. The woods and nature conservatories are perfect places to encapture nature’s elegance and uniqueness. If you don’t want to use nature, invite a friend and have a competition. You each take pictures of each other, like a professional photo shoot, and at the end, each picture the other one likes gets a point. Whoever has the most points wins.

6. Join an outdoor yoga class

If you can’t find a class around you, grab a yoga mat and find a scenic spot to stretch. Breathe in the outdoor aromas to enhance the experience and help connect yourself with the world around you.

7. Play a sport for fun

Grab a friend or family member and head down to an outdoor tennis court to play a match. Take a work or activity group out to the golf course. Join in a local soccer league or outdoor workout/running group.

8. Go on a bike ride

Whether around the neighborhood or on bike trails, biking works most of your leg muscles. Try going by yourself and bringing music to listen to with earbuds. Or maybe you want to make it a challenge with a group of friends and use a mile tracking app to see who can accumulate the most by the end of spring or however long you want to set the deadline at.

9. Make a nature related DIY

A bird feeder is a great way to create a fun craft and give back to the environment at the same time. Bark rubbings with crayons are also fun for people of all ages, but especially children. Drying and pressing flowers makes for pretty decorations to attach to invitations or cards and can also be put into homemade candles and soap!

10. Go stargazing

If you live in the country, wait until it’s dark out and lay down on a blanket in your yard and look up at the stars. If you live more on the urban side, drive to an empty field or somewhere with little to no street lights and visual obstacles. Simply take in the beauty or try to find and connect constellations. Also using a telescope, if you have one, can be useful to find planets and get a closer view.

Spring is the season of new life, and while it is important to have fun and try new things, it is also critical to give back. For all the ecosystem does for us, sharing the love can go a long way.

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