Here's a list of reasons why college students and the Grinch correlate.

1. He has a love/hate relationship with Whoville.

One who attends college most likely has many days where they absolutely hate everything about their college, but there are also days when their respective college seems like the best place ever. Just like the Grinch it's a love then hate then love again cycle.

2. He hates the holidays.

Now I'm not saying all college students hate the holiday times, but the amount of projects and finals before winter break are enough to make any student not be in a festive mood.

3. He has a million things to do, but has no time to do everything.

Just like in the movie where the Grinch checks his to-do list, college students tend to have 10,000,000 million things to do. Chances are much of those things will be procrastinated upon or not get done all depending the level of motivation one has.

4. He parties (kind of).

It's pretty safe to say that many, many, many college students like to party and just like the Grinch attending the festival of cheer, they'll probably end up feeling not too well after eating a bunch of fudge and consuming too much...eggnog.

5. He hides his identity.

When something embarrassing happens in college, you'll most likely want to hide your face from the world just as the Grinch does with his mask.

6. He eats garbage.

Even though the Grinch eats literal garbage, many college students only have to time to grab a bag of chips, make some ramen, or buy some fast food before it's time to go off to study.

7. He is a loner.

This doesn't go for all college students, but chances are you're either alone or mostly alone during many parts of the day wishing you could be doing something other than studying.

8. He's crafty.

There may be one point in time when you have to fix a hem in that dress you ripped or use a needle and thread to repair those jeans with the torn stitching. Being a broke college student leaves plenty of room for using some creativity to save money.

9. His heart grows and shrinks.

College is a time for you to meet new people. Now depending on the cicumstances, the people that you first make friends with, might turn out to not be who you thought they were. Just like the Grinch, you're level of trust and respect will either grow or shrink throughout the semesters.

10. He has big hopes and dreams.

Although the Grinch's desires were to take over Christmas and destroy his enemies, the average college student can relate in the sense that they tend to yearn for the type of dream job that they see many celebrities or young entrepreneurs pursuing. Santa was a celebrity to the Grinch the same way Steve Jobs is viewed as an inspiring and successful businessman to the young American.