10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Into You
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10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Into You

These will blow your mind, and change your life.

10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Into You
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With school back in session, many of my friends have designated me the barometer to determine if a guy is truly into them or not. While I'm not claiming to be a guru of any sort, I feel that my vast experience within the field has allowed me to gather some knowledge as to how the male mind works, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. In my infinite generosity, I have created a definitive list of ten sure-fire ways to tell if a guy is into you.

If he matches his belt to his shoes.

Guys care about their appearance more than you might think, and if they're interested in you, they'll most likely always appear in their “hottest” clothing. This is actually a biological need, and recent studies have shown that in order for male chimps to court a female chimp, they will use mud as a primitive hair gel to create something known in the scientific community as a “sex mullet.”

If he takes every opportunity to smell you.

When a guy is aroused, all his senses are in a heightened state. You may be aware that when looking at something pleasurable, a person's pupils dilate. Well, the same thing applies to his olfactory glands in his nose. They will typically double in size when around something “pleasurable” and thus, I have noticed many guys intensely smelling the air where a girl once stood after she leaves.

If he repeats your name three times when he addresses you.

This is more subtle than any of the others on the list, but now that I’ve said it you’re bound to notice just how prevalent it is. Inspired by the popular movie "Beetlejuice," a guy will attempt to show his true feelings by acting as if each time he sees you, he has in fact summoned you in a display of dominance. It may be in conversation, or in a ceremony of sorts, but it is always an indicator of true emotion.

If you both sometimes “accidentally” wear the same clothing.

When flirting, guys will try to mimic the behavior of their target. What better way to do this than wearing your exact outfit?! After you notice, he will often exclaim, “Twinsies!” in an effort to show his playful nature and his obviously good sense of fashion.

If he gravely insists you watch "National Treasure" with him.

Nic Cage is possibly the sexiest creature to have ever walked this Earth, and all his movies are notable for their extremely passionate and lustful nature. This is basically a more forward version of “Netflix and chill," that I like to call “Treasure and chill.”

If he advocates for Donald Trump.

His inclination to possibly vote for Trump shows his “rebellious” nature. These clearly conflicted feelings can be paralleled to Donald Trump's dual nature, as he is neither a true politician or complete businessman. This guy is figuratively putting a wall around his heart, just as Trump wants to do with Mexico--the heart of the Americas. #thinkaboutit

If he has an extensive collection of "Animorph" paperbacks.

Possessing "Animorphs" not only shows that he's incredibly cool, but they can be seen as a metaphor for his transitional nature from that of a friend (human) to a possible lover (animal).

If he scratches at the door when you are in the other room.

This can be seen across the spectrum in animals, especially those that are domesticated, like cats or dogs. When you leave, he misses you and wants to be with you--which he shows with his frantic scratching on the other side of your door. However, this signal can be indicative of other things such as the need to go outside and play, or simply, that he's hungry.

If he pretends to be your blanket at night.

This is by far the hardest to pick up on, but next time you get home at night, check your bed. Lots of guys will attempt to imitate your blanket, and strangely, this often goes unnoticed! Guys do this to try to show their warm and protective nature. If any guy does this for you, consider yourself lucky. You've got a keeper!

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