10 Ways To Have Fun On Spring Break Without Drinking
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10 Ways To Have Fun On Spring Break Without Drinking

You don't need to get drunk every day for a week to enjoy your break.

10 Ways To Have Fun On Spring Break Without Drinking

When you hear the phrase "spring break", what do you think of? Empty cans littering beaches, college kids engaging in reckless behaviors and contracting a whole alphabet's worth of STDs and/or falling off balconies in their Bud Light fueled haze? MTV's Gone Wild specials, where they film people doing exactly this, living in the moment and having what looks like a wonderful time? I'm sure for a lot of people, this is exactly the image they conjure up - and for a lot of people, this sounds like the most fun a person could have for a week where there's no school to worry about, no classes to wake up for and no papers to write.

While for some people this is the ideal way to spend their vacation, there are many people (including myself) who would much rather do anything else. If you fall under that category, here's a list of things you can do to still have an awesome spring break without the booze.

1. Get in Some Binge Watching

With school and work, I hardly ever have time to watch all the shows I want to when they're on. My number one plan for break is finishing up NBCs This is Us, with a giant box of tissues within arm's reach.

2. Meet Friends For Lunch

Hopefully your spring break lines up with your friends', especially those who went far away for school. Catch up! Get lunch and trade stories about college life.

3. Treat Yo Self!

It's Spring Break! Get a massage, get a manicure, have yourself a little retail therapy. This week is all about getting a break, and self care should definitely be a priority whenever possible.

4. Catch Up On Homework

Okay, let's be real. You haven't done all of your homework that wasn't due before break. I know I have about 50 assignments online for Spanish that I could do. Might as well!

5. Start a Bullet Journal

Bullet journalling is SO much fun, on top of being incredibly helpful for organization. If you're like me and love doodling so much that your planners always become illegible, bullet journalling may be just the thing you need.

6. Have a Movie Night

Get together with the same friends for lunch or just settle in with your family or your pets; head to RedBox, rent a few of the newest movies you've been dying to see, binge some popcorn and rejoice in the fact that you don't have to set an alarm for your 8 AM the next morning.

7. Go on a Picnic

Picnics are the pinnacle of fun springtime activities. You can go with your significant other and enjoy a romantic time together or go with friends and just enjoy each others' company in the great outdoors.

8. Read a New Book

I love to read, but unless it's reading assigned for my two Literature classes, I pretty much have zero time in my schedule for it. Find a new, good book and dig in!

9. Wine and Canvas (Sans Vino)

Wine and Canvas events are bountiful, especially where I live. Gather up some friends or take your mom on a night out and paint some sunsets. You can even drink the wine while you paint, if you want.

10. Make a Pinterest Dessert

Who doesn't love baking? Whether your treats turn out picture perfect or not, baking is fun and fulfilling and I'm pretty sure we all can appreciate a good old fashioned Pinterest fail, as long as whatever you create is still yummy.

Drinking and spring break don't have to go hand-in-hand, regardless of what a lot of people may think. Hopefully this list proves that point and gives a clearer idea of how you can have an awesome spring break without the hangover.

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