10 Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Traveling
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10 Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Traveling

Snapchat has nothing on good ol' fashioned fun!

10 Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Traveling

Summer is a good time to enjoy some family time and spend time with your friends. Travelling is a good pass time during the break. Getting some money also is a good way to use the break to your advantage. However, if you are stuck in a situation where you cannot go out as much as you want for your summer break, here are some alternatives to still have a good time.

1. Family time

Spending time with your family is a good way to make time fly and to strengthen your bond with them. From playing Monopoly throughout the night or just being in the same room watching TV, they help enjoy the hot months.

2. Hanging out with the BFFs

Friends make everything better, from making memories that last a while to memories you wish would vanish that morning. Even if it just means walking around downtown chasing Pokemon.

3. Surfing the Net

The Internet is a large sea full of information, pictures, and videos. It is easy to get lost surfing the net while watching how to videos to looking up hilarious memes to share on Facebook.

4. Television

Television has a magic power of letting hours pass by while watching many shows and movies, from cooking channels to strange Gumball cartoons. There are many channels, so the choices are endless, and if this "nothing on," pop in a DVD and rewatch some of your favorite old movies that haven't been touched in years.

5. Entertainment without television

Before the gift of cable, what did people do to entertain themselves? Yes, the dreaded word "reading" has returned! Reading is not only fun and helpful for the brain, it allows you to picture the excitement yourself and hours will disappear as you disappear in the story.

6. Getting Lost in Life

If you don't want to be alone, call some friends or family over and play a board game!The game can be Monopoly or LIFE. If you do not have a board game, then no worries. Just grab a pack of cards and there are many games in those 52 pieces of paper-ish material. Just have fun losing track of the time and sleep as you almost ruin relationships with the +4 cards in your hand.

7.Do the Thing

I myself have a list of things I need to do, but never "seem to have time to do it." Instead of dying of boredom, maybe do one task and see how far you can get. If it be cleaning your room or calling the parents, take a deep breath and embrace it. Even better, picture it as a game and complete it to win and grab a slice of cake for a reward.

8.Explore the Neighborhood

What the best time to explore the town? When you are bored at midday and need to get beach ready for next summer. Go outside and just start walking or jogging or even stay inside and just do some simple exercises during the commercials. That treadmill holding your all your clothes? Use that to sweat the commercials away! And when do go outside, you may run into somebody you haven't seen in forever and have a good talk about Pokemon Go or how bad the heat is.

9. The 4-Letter Word

No, not that word! I'm talking about work. Getting a job is also a good way to spend your summer. While it may not provide a beach-front view, it will get some green in your pocket, experience on your resume, and new friends on your side. You may come home tired, but when you hear the money coming from the dispenser, you know you did good.

10. If nothing else, note this:

The picture explains all.

In short, rest and take it easy! Sleep is beautiful.

Even though you may not be able to travel around the country or even the state on your summer vacation, that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Choose something fun and enjoy it. Also, try changing it up every now and then; it'll help you not want school to start so soon.

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