10 Video Games That Induce So Much Anger
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10 Video Games That Induce So Much Anger

....and make me want to throw my controller

10 Video Games That Induce So Much Anger

We all have our favorite video games that we just can't put down for weeks. And in all honesty, the ones that make me furious are my favorite ones. These are the ones that make you want to throw your controller into your television. These are the ones that make you save 24/7, and if you don't, you lose all your progress and end up way back in the beginning. Or the ones that enemies flank you and you just die immediately. Or, even better, the ones with no difficulty setting so you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. Despite having to start over from my last save and how angry it makes me, I still thoroughly enjoy these games. So, I bid you welcome to the top 10 video games that make me hate life and want to throw my controller into my television.

1. Dark Souls 3

If you've played the Dark Souls series, you know that this game doesn't need an explanation on how angry it can make you feel. This is the type of game that after doing a certain boss 15 times, you literally throw the controller into your television. There's even memes about this anger. That sums up the entire game. I still love it regardless. It's a beautiful game and even if it takes me half a year to finish it, I'll always keep trying. This game gets a 10/10 throw-your-controller-at-TV ranking.

2. Bloodborne

This game was made by the same creators that made the Dark Souls franchise, and it's just as heart-wrenching, maybe even more. I love how dark and gruesome it is. It's so hard for me that I still haven't finished it. I have to put it down. Every time I try it, I'll get so close to finishing a boss and then die when it has only a sliver of health left. Extremely frustrating, but I'll always love it.

3. Tekken

I grew up on this game; it's my all-time favorite and I'll always keep going back for more. I get extremely into playing this and it's the only game I'll ever be competitive about. When you do the arcade mode, you play versus the AI until you reach the final boss and once you defeat him, you unlock a new character. And let me tell you: if you're so close to beating him and you lose, you not only lose the round but you lose your mind.

4. Crash Bandicoot

This might seem silly to put on this list, but in all honesty, it's seriously made me consider breaking my controller when I was younger. Even replaying it now and falling down the holes when you're being chased by that huge rock is infuriating. Not to mention those lumberjacks in the gif above. Or any of the enemies, for that matter. My arch nemesis is the turtles with the saws on their backs. You think that you're not near them and then you die by barely touching them.

5. Skyrim

Skyrim is absolutely beautiful, and I love the story. I can get lost in it for weeks at a time. I do have to put it down after a while because if you don't save constantly and then fall off a cliff, you go way back in your game. Not to mention the amazing bug that happens with the new PS4 remastered edition. If you save while riding a horse, when you reload to that save you will fly. I'm not kidding. I've gone so far into the sky and walked forward a little, only to fall to my death. Attached is a link to a video I recorded of my horse and I flying...and then dying. Fighting the dragons is probably the worst and I try really hard not to throw my controller. You can't just run away from them, sadly.

6. Overwatch

Overwatch is one of my favorite games of 2016. I was stuck on it when the beta came out. Roadhog is my main forever. But sometimes, since he's pretty slow, he isn't always the greatest. I miss the bug where his hook could go through walls and catch enemies. The one part of the game that makes me furious would be the competitive matches. You start off with matches to get your rank and then you delve into it. If you don't have a great team, your rank will drop. So even if you think you're doing well in the beginning, it can all go south from there and you lose a lot of ranking points. I scream at my TV whenever this happens, so I try to stay away from competitive mode because I get too angry over it.

7. Destiny

I really have thrown my controller because of this game. Specifically during the raids and the Trials of Osiris. I refuse to do the trials now; it's just not worth my energy to get that mad over it. It's ridiculous, and I just can't. I know people who can perfect the trials and they get all the great loot, but I don't know how they do it. This is the one game that has really made me scream. I will always love it, though; I was stuck on this game for a very long time. After a while of doing the same story missions over and over, I got tired of it. So for now, I'm safe from throwing my controller until Destiny 2 comes out. RIP Dinklebot.

8. Doom

I only have one boss left in this game and I'll finish it...but I haven't touched it in months. This one boss has left me so infuriated that I don't know when I'm going to pick it up again. It's a great game, but I couldn't handle the anger that came with the last part of the game. Even with the many different difficulties that are available to play through, I still feel like a loser because I can't finish it.

9. Bioshock

Bioshock1 and 2 are my favorite games. They're the two games that I never mind replaying. The story is so great that it never gets old. Hard mode is seriously hard. The splicers are the worst, there's barely any ammo and health is extremely scarce. It's made me so frustrated that I've had to put it down because I wasn't playing smart enough to defeat the bosses. Hard mode made me want to rip my hair out during certain parts of the game. Nonetheless, it's one of my favorite games of all time.

10. Witcher 3

I had to put this game down for a month before going back to finishing it. There was a mission where you had to put down a demon child. During my first couple of tries, it bugged out and I couldn't complete it. I was so angry because I realized that I was so closeto finishing the mission and it broke. Thankfully the patch fixed the problem, but it didn't fix the anger that comes with the game. The open world is great and I love getting lost in the story, but it's hard to not get frustrated when you lose so many times.

My love for video games is everlasting, and with that there will be many times in the future that I will want to throw my controller. The anger will never stop me from playing, though. It's my favorite pass-time. Keep calm and game on!

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