10 Of The Very Best Marvel Movies

10 Of The Very Best Marvel Movies

Celebrating 10 years of Marvel in style.

If you know anything about me, you would know that Marvel Studios basically consumes my life. Their movies are full of humor, amazing effects, and the way they're all tied together is absolutely genius. 2018 is going to be an amazing year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to end 2017, I'm going to list out my top 10 favorite Marvel movies and TV shows. (Plus all the movies I'm looking forward to in the new phase of the MCU)

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy - Volume 2

Spiderman Homecoming is nothing like any of the other movies on this list. It's a coming of age story and one that everyone can relate to it. Bonus, it stars one of my favorite actors: Tom Holland. This cast is so amazing, and it sets the stage for MANY movies to come.

3. Captain America: The First Avenger

For all you history buffs like me, you'll love this movie. Travel back in time to the 1940's, the peak of World War II. Steve Rodger's wants to help his country, but he does not know how. Follow the story of Steve, Bucky, and Peggy as they try to take down the evil Red Skull and HYDRA.

4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Ok, this isn't technically a Marvel Movie, but it is iconic and worthy of being on this list. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is on its 5th season on ABC now, and I can't stop watching. Agent Coulson was featured in a couple MCU movies, and now he has his own spin-off TV show. Every season has its own unique theme, and it helps crossover new ideas into the MCU.

5. Iron Man

You really can't beat a classic. Tony Stark is one of the best characters, and his character progression from Iron Man 1 to Avengers: Infinity War is just amazing. Plus, it features my favorite lady: Pepper Potts.

6. Ant-Man

Two words. Paul Rudd. He's the perfect person to play Ant-Man (Shouts out to the Marvel Casting Team!) and this movie is underrated for sure. It is one of the funniest and most creative movies ever, and I personally cannot wait for Ant-Man and The Wasp to hit theatres.

7. Agent Carter

Again, not an actual Marvel movie, but a wonderful Marvel TV show. It follows the story right after Captain America: The First Avenger, and stars Peggy Carter and the other agents of the SSR. Plus, it stars everyone's favorite early 2000's heartthrob, Chad Michael Murray as Agent Thompson.

8. Thor: Ragnarok

Okay, easily my favorite movie of the year. Everything is just amazing; from Loki, Hela, and Valkaryie; to the set up of Infinity War. The cinematography is just stunning, and the director is fantastic. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for???

9. Doctor Strange

Like him or not, Doctor Steven Strange is one of the strongest characters in the MCU. His powers are unlike any other, and his origin story is so original and unique. If you haven't seen it yet, you can stream it on Netflix.

10. Thor

Based on actual Norse Mythology, Thor is an amazing character. This movie sets up his trip to Earth and introduces an amazing storyline, plus the introduction of the organization of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel has made some iconic movies, and the best is yet to come. From Black Panther (releasing Febuary 2018) to Avengers: Infinity War (May 2018), to Avengers 4 (May 2019) and everything in between, Marvel has come a long way in 10 years. I am very much looking forward to 10+ more years of the MCU.

Cover Image Credit: Marvel Studio

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Dear Shondaland, You Made A Mistake Because April Kepner Deserves Better

"April Kepner... you're not average"

I'll admit from the first time we were introduced to April in Season 6, I didn't like her so much. I mean we hated the "Mercy Westers" in the first place, so how could we see the potential in the annoying, know-it-all resident that was trying to compete with our beloved Lexie Grey.

But then, we saw her come face-to-face with a killer and thought maybe she had potential.

We then saw her surprise everyone when she proved to be the next trauma surgeon in the making and we were intrigued.

Notice how none of these stories had anything to do with Jackson Avery. Not that we didn't love her with Jackson, but for whatever reason you've chosen to end their very popular relationship. Suddenly, you think that April is not worth further exploration but you've forgotten one simple thing. We fell in love with her before "Japril" was ever in the picture.

We love her because her story was unlike the others and she had one of the best character developments on the show. She wasn't damaged like Meredith Grey or Alex Karev who have been on their journey to become all whole and healed, but she still had to fight hard to be taken seriously. Her story has so much potential for future development, but you've decided to throw it all away for "creative reasons."

I'm sorry, but there's nothing creative about doing the exact same thing you've done to all the other characters who have left the show. We've endured the loss of many beloved characters when you chose to write off George, Henry, Mark, and Lexie. We even took it when you did the unthinkable and wrote McDreamy out of the show - killing off one half of the leading couple. (WHO DOES THAT???)

But April Kepner? Are you kidding me?

She may no longer be with Jackson, but she was so much more than half of Japril. While most of us hate that Jackson and April are over, we probably could have dealt with it if April was still on the show. Now they're done and you think there aren't any more stories to tell about her character. Why? Because she'll just get in the way of Jackson and Maggie?

How could you not see that she was way more than Jackson's love interest?

She's so much more than you imagined her to be. April is the headstrong, talented trauma surgeon no one saw coming. The farmer's daughter started off an ugly duckling who became a soldier because she needed to be one and turned into one big beautiful swan who constantly has to fight for her coworkers and family to see her as such.

She's proven to be a soldier and swan on many occasions. Just take giving birth to her daughter in a storm on a kitchen table during an emergency c-section without any numbing or pain medication as an example. If she wasn't a soldier or a swan before, how could she not be after that?

Yet, you - the ones who created her - still see her as the ugly duckling of a character because she always had to take the backseat to everyone else's story and was never allowed to really be seen.

But we see her.

She's the youngest of her sisters who still think of her as the embarrassing little Ducky no matter how much she's grown.

This swan of a resident got fired for one mistake but came back fighting to prove she belongs. Not only did April Kepner belong there, but it was her talent, her kindness, her strength that made her Chief Resident. This simply wasn't enough for Dr. Bailey or her other residents so she fought harder.

She endured the pressure but always ended up being a joke to the others. When she was fired yet again, your girl came back a little shaken. She doubted herself, but how could she not when everyone was against her.

Despite everyone telling her she couldn't, she did rise and no one saw her coming because she remained in the background. She went off to Jordan broken and came back a pretty risky trauma surgeon.

We've watched for years as she was handed promising stories that we never got to see fully develop because she was in the background. We never got to see her rise. We get the beginning and the end, but hardly ever the middle.

I thought we were finally going to have an amazing story arc in season 11 when she loses Samuel, but what did we really get? Two or three episodes of her coming to terms with the loss of her baby and then April's disappearance from the show while she's grieving off screen so that Dr. Amelia Shepherd can shine her first season on the show. Where is April's life-changing surgeries? What does April get? She's background music.

Now what?

It's season 14 and we finally get the story we've been waiting 9 years for! We get Dark April and her crisis of faith. A story arc all Christians can appreciate. Here's the chance for real character development in the foreground, but wait...

Before her story is even wrapped up, you announce that this season will be her last. So we're forced to realize that the only reason we're getting this story now is that you're writing her off.

No matter how you end it, it's not going to do her story justice. If you kill her off to end her crisis of faith story, you're not reaching the many Christians who watch the show. If you have her leaving Seattle and taking Harriet with her, you didn't know April. If you have her leaving Seattle and abandoning Harriet, you really didn't know April. So anyway you choose to end her story, you lost out on one great character.

You messed up.

Both April Kepner and Sarah Drew deserved better.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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10 Reasons 'The Great British Baking Show' Is The Best Show On Netflix

"The Great British Baking Show" is the best baking show.

I love baking shows, I have watched them with my mom since I was a little girl. Now that I am in college I have come to rely on Netflix. That being said, recently I have found the treasure that is "The Great British Baking Show." I started binge watching it a few days ago and I now have one more season. That being said, there are only four seasons because they took a few seasons from BBC's "The Great British Bake Off," changed the name a little, and placed it on the American Netflix. Thank god for the internet because I hopefully will be able to continue watching my new guilty pleasure. Here are seven reasons that "The Great British Baking Show" is the best thing to happen to Netflix.

1. It is British

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a British accent. The whole show is a symphony for your ears as you listen to the hosts, judges, and contestants talk about the bakes.

2. The Hosts

Mel and Sue are gifts from above. They bring humor, puns, and innuendos to each episode while also supporting the contestants in any way they can. After a couple challenges, you can't help but chant along with them, Ready! Set! Bake!!

3. The Contestants

No matter what season you watch, the contestants always end up as friends and see themselves as a family inside the tent. They never let the threat of competition stop them from helping those who need it.

4. Mary Berry

Mary Berry is a gem! she is such a sweet old woman and in England is loved almost as much as the Queen, at least that is what I have got from watching the show. It helps that her sweater game is so strong.

5. The Challenges

Unlike other competition shows, the contestants can practice the first challenge (the Signature) and the third challenge (the Showstopper). Each episode is a new tier of baking (bread, cake, pastry, etc.) and they make sure that the second challenge (the Technical) gives them a basic recipe and is completely blind when they judge the bakes.

6. The Bakes

Nine times out of 10, the finished product is mind-blowing and even when it's not it is the 100,000 times better than anything I can come up with. Honestly who would of thought of a lion head made out of bread but someone from this amazing show?

7. The Setting

Because the challenges take place over the weekend the contestants can continue living their lives and be able to participate. This can not be said for a lot of other shows that have a similar standard. The show has mothers, teachers, fathers, university students, etc. who can go home and do what needs to be done in their everyday lives while still making baking perfections on television.

8. The Inspiration

While it is a baking show, the contestants always speak words of wisdom and some of the things that they realize about themselves during the competition are very inspiring to those who watch the show.

9. Paul Hollywood

Paul is the Simon Cowell of baking shows. His blue eyes can become laser beams as he silently judges the contestants and everyone wants to get a famous Paul Hollywood Handshake.

10. Family

The hosts, judges, and contestants over the weeks come to see each other as family. It is amazing to watch these people overcome the competition to help each other in any way that is needed. When they talk about how they have plans to see each other after the finale I can't help but get teary eyed.

Cover Image Credit: Darcie Tanner / Flickr

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