10 Unique Gifts For The Unique Person in Your Life

10 Unique Gifts For The Unique Person in Your Life

Unique gift ideas are the best ideas.

Getting gifts for friends and family is hard. No matter how well you know the person it can still be so difficult to choose. Getting gifts for significant others is just as hard- so here are 10 ideas for gifts that for partners, or anyone special in your life.

1. Molecular jewelry.

This is a jewelry trend that's pretty popular on Etsy right now, and in general is relatively inexpensive as well. I can personally recommend Molecular Motifs, a shop on Etsy if you are interested in purchasing a jewelry like this. There are different styles as well, so if you want something more feminine or masculine or what have you.

2. Life Token

This is a really affordable way to get custom jewelry. Life Token have some that are ready-made and there is a customizable option as well. Even with customized purchases, the delivery time was not too terrible. They also get back to any questions about their product very quickly, so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

3. Voice Art

This option is a little more pricey, but if there are any music lovers out there, this is perfect. This Etsy shop is called ArtsyVoiceprint, and they have several song posters ready to ship. They make posters, but also cards and several other things as well. They can even do custom projects as though. If you send them an audio recording of your own they can create a print of that!

4. Long-Distance Lamps

If you are in a long distance relationship and want a little extra reminder that the person you love this might be a good, unique fit for you. These are called Long Distance Touch Lamps. When one person touches their lamp to turn it on, whoever has the corresponding lamp, no matter how far away, the second lamp will turn on. Each lamp comes with the ability to change different colors so you don't have to worry about choosing a color. You can also get however many you want. This is also just a neat lamp that looks nice, and even if you go just one as a gift I'm sure the person receiving this gift would be thankful.

5. Customizable wine bottles

If you and your loved one are over 21 and enjoy red wine this is a great gift idea. From Gift Tree, you can order a bottle of red wine in a personalized wine bottle. After you drink the wine you can clean out the bottle and have a nice keepsake.

6. World Maps

If you have a world traveler you're trying to get a gift for look no further. This is a scratch map of the world. So as the owner travels the world they can scratch off the places they've been, like a lottery ticket. This can be found online at Amazon as well as www.uncommongoods.com.

7. Homesick Candles

If the person you're trying to get a gift for isn't as excited to be traveling and maybe get a little homesick, getting them a homesick candle from Uncommon Gifts might be a good idea. Uncommon gifts have made customized scents for each state. New Jersey's scent is candy apple, cranberry, and vanilla while Indiana apparently smells like vanilla, coconut, and white musk. Unfortunately, they don't have every state, but it's worth taking a look. Even if it doesn't according to you it doesn't smell like the intended state, it's the thought that counts.

8. Ticket Stub Diary

If you have a loved one who enjoys going to movies, or the theater, or museums, or anything that might leave them with a ticket stub getting them a really Ticket Stub Diary. You can find this online at Uncommon Gifts and it's a great idea if you and the person you're gifting this to go to these kinds of events often. Cute, right?

9. Travel Stub Diary

There is also a Travel stub diary. You can find this at Uncommon Good as well.

10. Bath Bombs

So if you have someone who you're getting gifts for is a fan of bath bombs and nice smelling soaps and things going to the store Lush is a great idea. However, Uncommon Goods has a set of Solar System Bath Bombs. So if you've got a friend who enjoys baths AND space, this is a great gift. Each planet has a designated bath bomb, and they all look pretty nice, I bet they smell just as nice.

So there you have it, 10 unique gift ideas for a unique person in your life. If no of these catch your eye, just remember that whoever your getting this gift for will probably be just as happy with something handmade and at the end of the day it's the thought that counts. So don't sweat it.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Cover Image Credit: http://themocracy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Gifts.jpg

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Cover Image Credit: Jakob Owens // Unsplash

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15 Things To Do This Summer If You're Already Bored

There's only so much sitting around and watching Netflix you can do at one time.

Whether you just got out of school for the summer or you've been off for a month, we all struggle with summer brain and boredom. There's only so much sitting around and watching Netflix you can do at one time. Here are some things you can do to keep your summer brain from taking over.

1. Go for a swim

It's summer for goodness sakes! Go find a community pool, lake, ocean, or a body of water cool yourself off this summer. Or if you're not into getting your hair wet this summer...

2. Catch up on your Vitamin D

You are finally emerging from the library after a tough semester and seeing the light of day and enjoying the summer weather. Go lay out in the sun and work on that tan after getting out of a BRUTAL winter.

3. Read a book

The summer is a great time to catch up on some reading. Now that you don't have the mandatory reading to do, you can catch up on whatever books you are into. Here's a list of some books you can read up on.

4. Pinterest surf

It may be for crafts or catching up the latest fashion trends, get into Pinterest and create the summer board that will keep you busy this summer.

5. Go to a baseball game

From Little League to an MLB game, enjoy America's sport. Better yet...

6. Go outside a play a sports game

If baseball's your thing, gather a team and go have fun. Soccer or volleyball, whatever you do enjoy the outdoors and the warm weather!

7. Go enjoy the outdoors

Because before you know it, it will be cold again and wish you could go outside again.

8. Bowling!

You have to have those rainy day activities in your back pocket just in case. You can go to a real alley or just bowling on the Wii (because you know we all love the Wii) but it gets you off your feet and distracted from the endless videos and TV shows that you are watching all day.

9. Putt putt golf

It's cheesy but so much fun. If you suck at golf like me, mini golf is the next best thing.

10. Go pick some fresh fruit

There are plenty of the farms open now that sell fresh fruit. Some even let you pick your own fruit like strawberries and peaches. Go check it out and go exploring!

11. Organize your room

You know it's been ages since you last cleaned your room. Spring cleaning came late this year but better late than ever!!

12. Enjoy time with your family

Whether you are back for the summer, the weekend, or about to leave for college, enjoy the time you have with your family. They love you and they miss you. Suggest barbequing some hamburgers or making smores with a firepit, find the time to talk and create memories that will last a lifetime.

13. Ice cream!!!!

You can get ice cream anytime but come on! Nothing is better than ice cream on a hot day.

14. Roadtrip with your BFFs

Make it a long weekend and go explore your state or the state next door and get even closer to your best friends! Maybe you don't have the money for a vacation getaway, you can always...

15. Be a tourist in your hometown

Go to the closest city and visit some attractions you may not have been to or revisit some of your favorite spots.

There are lots of things to do this summer. I know a lot of these things require money that we may not all have unless you have a job. Either way, take some time for yourself this summer and have fun!

Cover Image Credit: Brooklyn Morgan

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