The 10 Different Types Of Friends Your Friend Group Definitely Knows
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The 10 Different Types Of Friends Your Friend Group Definitely Knows

You know exactly which of your friends is which.

The 10 Different Types Of Friends Your Friend Group Definitely Knows
Sophia Bercow

Every group of friends is different based on common beliefs, morals, values, and personalities. No one group is the same, and that’s how it should be. You shouldn’t be friends with people that you have nothing in common with because there’s a high likelihood you won’t get along, so don’t try and force it.

While every group is different in its own way, there are definitely some classic stereotypes we all know and love. You know that one friend who takes care of everyone else in the group? Or maybe the one who goes out six out of the seven nights of the week? I know I sure do. I know them well. Here are the 10 different types of friends you definitely have in your friend group.

1. The “mom” friend

This is the friend I just mentioned. They’re the ones who are always looking out for you, and they always want you to be doing well. They still come out with the rest of the group once or twice a week, but they’re constantly checking in with everyone to make sure no one is too drunk… or they’re taking care of the friend who is too drunk. We love you, “mom” friend.

2. The “grandma” friend

Contrary to the “mom” friend, this is the friend who never comes out and is always in bed by 9 p.m. They’re on top of their schoolwork and their physical health because they always get their full eight hours of sleep. They also have the best advice for every situation because they just seem so much wiser than you. Be more like “grandma” friend, everyone. Just do it.

3. The partier

This is the friend I also mentioned already. You know the one who outdrinks you every single time you go out and still has the stamina to party Wednesday-Saturday at least. This is the friend who makes it to the day fade AND the frat parties. Do not try and match them in drinks. Seriously… do not do it.

4. The studious one

Ah, the good student. The one you wish you were even half as smart as when it comes to school. The one your parents wish you were. The one your family thinks you’re trying to be. The one your dad thinks he is paying for you to be in college. Classic.

5. The work out junkie

Honestly, it’s a love/hate relationship with this friend. You hate them when they drag you out of bed to go to the gym with them, but you love them once it’s over and you feel good about yourself. You hate them when they text you that they can come over and join you in your all-day-long Netflix binge after they work out, but you love them for inspiring you to grab the bag of carrot sticks instead of the tub of ice cream.

6. The one who never sleeps

Here we have the friend that you can text at 4 a.m. because you crammed for an essay and you need a RedBull. They will be awake to bring you one as they smash another one themselves. They’re literally always awake and you’re kind of… concerned? Like, dude. Sleep tonight. If you’re reading this and this is you, sleep tonight. You need it.

7. The one who sleeps too much

You know when you text your friend to hang out and grab brunch? Then they respond at 3 p.m. saying they just woke up? So you say it’s cool maybe we can grab dinner? And then they respond at 8 p.m. saying sorry they just woke up from their nap? Okay? Are you okay?

8. The one who knows everything about pop culture

I’m sorry, can you please explain to me what “clout” is one more time? And which Kardashian is married to which basketball player these days? The pop culture friend knows all. They know everything going on with the celebs and they know every hot trend coming up for the next five years in advance already. They constantly make you feel like the “grandma” friend.

9. The one who knows everything about politics

This friend should definitely be kept around. With so much craziness happening on in the world right now, I definitely feel like I get lost trying to keep up with it all. The friend who isn’t incredibly overwhelmed by it all will definitely keep you updated on everything current events related, and you won’t have to worry about being out of the loop.

10. Your best friend

Out of your entire group of friends, this person is your person. You both have the same sense of humor and the same expectations of friendship. They will be there for you always, without question or judgment. While we love all friends in our friend groups, your best friend is the one you spend 24/7 with. You’ve already agreed that if by age 38, you still haven’t found the one, you’re just gonna call it good and get hitched.

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