10 TV Shows We Wish Were On Netflix

Netflix. Is. Life.

If you don't know this, you're not a college student. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn't have all of our A-list tv shows. Although it dishes out perfectly complicated and interesting TV series (on its own), we still feel like we're missing out. On what tv shows? Read on to find out.

10. The Closer

Who doesn't want to watch a sassy southern woman solve crime like a boss?

9. The Golden Girls

The 90s were forever changed by these four women... Don't we all secretly want to grow up to be them? I mean COME ON, they're the definition of fabulous.

8. NCIS (The Original)

Yes, they have some of the NCIS spinoffs on Netflix... but we don't want to spinoffs! We want the original, salt-and-pepper-haired-Gibbs slapping his subordinates on the back of the head.

7. The Big Bang Theory

Watching this socially awkward nerd interact with the general population is sure to make you feel better about that awkward wave you gave a cute guy, or the weird face you made when you didn't know he was looking.

6. That's So Raven

It's time for the 90s Comeback! That's So Raven is a staple, and one of the best 90s tv shows to binge watch, which is exactly why we need it on Netflix!

5. Lizzie McGuire

These three are the original best friends, plus it had tons of meaningful lessons snuck into funny plots, which means we need to watch every episode again, and be sure to apply it to ourselves this time.

4. Boy Meets World

Why is this show a Netflix necessity? We love binge watching shows where you grow up with the characters (case and point: One Tree Hill). Boy Meets World is the same. We watch these characters morph into adults... and it's beautiful.

3. Modern Family

This TV show has been nominated for Best Television Series (Comedy or Musical) every year from 2010-2014. After 6 seasons, we're ready to see it on Netflix.

2. Sex and the City

Sex and the City is the equivalent of the unofficial female rulebook: touching on every awkward and uncomfortable dating situation. It's no surprise that Sex and the City came in as number 2.

1. The Bachelor (or The Bachelorette)

How is it that neither The Bachelor nor The Bachelorette are on Netflix? This is the MOST addictive television series I've seen to-date. I know hordes of girls that would binge watch every.single.episode. of either of these shows.

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