10 Truths About Living On Cape Cod
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10 Truths About Living On Cape Cod

For those who aren't lucky enough to call CC home.

10 Truths About Living On Cape Cod
Soph Reghetto

The all time tourist trap and summer getaway is also the home of many Cape Codders. Living on this hook-shaped peninsula is the biggest blessing in disguise for many people. Growing up on Cape Cod allows you to experience many different feelings and events. Below are some truths many people have not discovered that are not originally from this popular summertime destination.

1. Yes, people do actually live here year round.

Meeting new people in college and telling them you are from Cape Cod generally gets the same response every time, "My family has a summer house there! Where do you go in the winter?"

2. The seafood really is delicious.

Fresh fish and chips can not be found anywhere besides Cape Cod that tastes half as good. Good luck trying.

3. The sunrise and sunset are breathtaking to watch.

Waking up early or going to chase the sunset is beyond entertaining and beautiful all in one. It's something you definitely have to see to believe.

4. Not everyone is preppy.

Once you get to college and people find out you are from the Cape, they immediately ask if you only wear Vineyard Vines. Not everyone likes the same attire, folks.

5. But a lot of people are preppy.

It is definitely more popular and normal to wear Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer on Cape Cod than it is in Western MA.

6. The beach days are endless.

You can not beat the day after day trips to the beach with friends and family in the summer. The warm sun and country music will never get old.

7. There are a lot of options and things to do.

You will never have a problem thinking of what to do with your spare time because of the many exciting options you can not find anywhere else. Restaurants, county fairs, boating, golfing and more.

8. Your college friends will want to visit you this summer.

Get ready to entertain and host all of your friends from college this summer as they cross over the bridge to see what your side of the town looks like. Of course they don't just want to see the beaches though.

9. An ocean is never far away.

In any given direction you can find a little piece of serenity within a ten minute drive. To rewind and relax alone or go for a dip with friends the ocean is the perfect remedy.

10. You can spot a tourist a mile away.

Their awful driving skills are a major give away. Yes sir that is a rotary, keep moving.

Living on Cape Cod is such a wonderful experience because of all the positive features that the quaint villages embody. If it is a day trip or a summer long affair I would strongly suggest anyone come check out this ideal location. Enjoy!

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