Most people don't understand that deaf people can do anything that they put their mind to. They can become doctors, teachers, dentists, nurses and anything else that you can think of.

However, most people are downgraded for being deaf. But deaf people should be just as appreciated.

You might also be surprised to know that there are a bunch of people who are actresses and actors that are deaf playing in TV shows and movies.

1. "Switched At Birth"

This features two girls who are switched at birth, one is deaf and the other is hearing. Once they meet, she helps the hearing family get to know her by teaching sign language. Sean Berdy, Marlee Matlin and a few others star in this show.

2. "Criminal Minds"

"The Silencer" Is an episode with someone who is deaf playing a killer who escaped from an ambulance and killed a bunch of people. Throughout the episode, he also sews everyone's mouth shut. When they catch him at the end he signs, showing us he is deaf.

3. "Children Of A Lesser God"

"Children Of A Lesser God" has Marlee Matlin who dates a hearing — speech teacher. After opening up to him about some personal experiences, she realizes there is a romance in the friendship/relationship and notices that he loves her.

4. "The Hammer"

Matt Hamill is a deaf UFC fighter who lives in Utica, NY. This movie tells the story of how Matt was using his deafness, went to a community college and then transferred to NTID (National Tech Institute for the Deaf). He soon finds himself on the wrestling team, which gives him the championship, and it gives him a career path down the road.

5. "Universal Signs"

After the death of his fiancé's daughter, who he had been caring for, a deaf man shuts himself off from the world. Haunted by memories, it is only through a new friendship that he can learn to forgive, love and reconnect.

6. "The L word"

"The L Word" is a series on Netflix where Marlee Matlin has appeared. She played a person's girlfriend and taught a baby some sign language.

7. "Sound and the Fury"

This is a documentary film released in 2000 about two American families with young deaf children and their conflict over whether or not to give their children cochlear implants, surgically implanted devices that may improve their ability to hear but may threaten their deaf identity. The film was nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

8. "The Miracle Worker"

This is about two people, in Helen Keller's biological life, and tells it from their perspective.

9. "No Ordinary Hero"

A deaf man plays a character tired of being "SuperDeafy," and gives up, but when he sees someone else who is deaf, he gets back into being "SuperDeafy."

10. "Hush"

A girl who is hearing lives in the woods by herself in isolation and has to protect herself from some creep. She finally wins the ending with killing the killer.