10 Tips To Write A Listicle People Will Actually Want To Read
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10 Tips To Write A Listicle People Will Actually Want To Read

For my bloggers out there, this one is for you!

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Listicles can be tough, especially when you're trying to get people to read them, but a few tips could save you and maybe get you some more viewers!

Don't think "how" and start thinking "what"

When you think of how to do something, your mind starts overflowing with thoughts and you might end up somewhere where you won't know what to do, so instead think of "what do I write?" Think of this before you start and this will get your brainstorming out of the way. Take some time to do this since "good" listicles can't just appear out of no where.

Create a catchy title

Every article, every post, and every caption all have one thing in common: a clever phrase to seal the package. If you're on Instagram and you have a great caption, it just adds so much more to your post, so similarly, when writing a listicle you want to make sure your title sounds even better than the article.

Clickbait and a catchy title are NOT the same thing and clickbait can drive your reader away from your other content, so make sure your title relates to your article.

Make a general public

You can't appeal to everybody, so don't try to impress your entire audience. Instead, pick one group of people that you want to apply your article to and start writing. Let's take this listicle for example: my general public are all the bloggers or anyone who is interested in writing a listicle.

Research on your topic

It could be a personal listicle, a funny and relatable listicle, or even an educational listicle, but either way, you should research your topic to make sure you can hit all sides of the listicle. Some may not agree with anything you say, and that's okay, but your goal should be trying to get multiple perspectives on one topic.

Make a hook and capture our attention

Your hook should define the listicle and a closing statement can end it nicely. Good hooks can start by adding a quote or relating to the audience so that they see where you're coming from.

Look up some problems people tend to have with listicles

If you look this up, you'll find a bunch of threads to go along with the issues people have in their listicles, and you can make sure to avoid the similar problems and try to have your listicle be error-free.

Triple check your listicle

Check, double check, and triple check your listicle because I have found errors in my listicles even when I checked them twice and credibility will come with effort, so keep checking and see if you find any errors.

Wrap it up perfectly

If you don't focus on wrapping it up, people might not read until the end which means they will not like the article. Make sure the conclusion is just as solid as the hook and title.

Look up some listicle examples

If you are a beginner, this step is incredibly important for you because you want to know what a listicle looks like and how it grabs your attention effortlessly.

Information should be relevant

Try to point out ideas that people might not know of instead of stating messages that everyone has already heard of.

Good luck on your listicle, hopefully this helped you become more self-aware!

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