10 Tips For All The Pure Barre Beginners
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10 Tips For All The Pure Barre Beginners

6. Stand near the mirror.

10 Tips For All The Pure Barre Beginners
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Feeling inspired by my last article and want to give Pure Barre a try? As a dedicated LTBer, I've compiled a list of my top 10 tips for Pure Barre beginners!

1. Take advantage of introductory offers.

Most Pure Barre studios offer some type of discount or special offer for new clients. This can include the "First Week Free" promotion*, discounted class packs or unlimited classes for a certain period of time. I highly recommend signing up for the introductory option that your local studio offers when you're getting started. Chances are, this will save you money and push you to try a few classes before deciding whether you want to commit to a larger class pack or membership.

* at select studios

2. Book your classes ahead of time.

3. Wear ankle- or capri-length workout pants, not shorts.

Long workout pants or leggings will keep your body warmer, which reduces the risk of muscle injury. In addition, you'll be using a ball and/or tube throughout class, and wearing long pants ensures that the equipment won't slide around and distract you from your workout. Plus, you'll avoid that pesky carpet burn when you are on the floor!

4. Buy the sticky socks.

The floor is carpeted in all Pure Barre studios, and socks are an absolute must to keep the studios tidy. However, I definitely recommend investing in sticky socks (aka socks with grips on the bottom) if you're in it for the long haul*. The grips keep you from sliding around and ensure that you are able to maintain your best form throughout class, especially during the 90-second plank!

* Pure Barre sells them online and in the studios, but you can also purchase them from other retailers.

5. Go to Breaking Down the Barre.

Confused by the Pure Barre lingo, method or movements? Have no fear! Pure Barre studios occasionally offer a Breaking Down the Barre class, which helps beginners and veterans alike deepen their Pure Barre knowledge and improve their technique. If you see a Breaking Down the Barre class on your studio's schedule, take advantage of this FREE(!) opportunity to learn.

6. Stand near the mirror.

If you're anything like me, this is probably the last thing you want to do. I was super self-conscious when I went to my first class, and I hid in the back corner so no one could see me struggling. However, I found Pure Barre to be a very judgment-free zone, and I can promise you that the other students are so focused on their own movements that your struggles are the least of their concern. That being said, don't be afraid to stand in the front and use the mirror to check your form! This will ensure that you keep the proper form during each exercise and avoid injuries.

7. Ask questions.

Again, if you're like me, you might be afraid to ask questions. Don't be! All Pure Barre instructors are trained to ensure that they can help YOU get the best workout possible. They are happy to answer questions, give you advice or help you modify movements based on your abilities. If you are confused during class, flag your instructor down and ask for help. Instructors also make themselves available after class to answer questions and address concerns, so take advantage of that time as well.

8. Bring a friend. Or make one!

Working out is more fun with a friend, so bring a friend with you or make a new friend before class. Bonus points if you do both! Having friends in class will make you more comfortable, and all that shaking is truly a bonding experience. Friends will also keep you accountable and committed to going to class, even when you feel like skipping. Friends who barre together stay together!!

9. Stick with it.

When sweat drips down your face and your legs are shaking, don't give up! This is your body's way of getting stronger. That being said, you need to make sure to listen to your body as well. If something is too much, make the modifications provided by your instructor. It's totally ok to take little breaks during class to catch your breath and grab some water if you need. Just make sure to get back to work and push yourself within reason. In time, your body will adapt, so keep pushing through and going to class! Pure Barre recommends (at least) three to four classes a week for best results.

10. After you've taken a few Classic classes, try Pure Empower.

After you've gotten familiar with the Classic class format, sign up for a Pure Empower class! While Empower is considered to be a high-intensity workout, there are modifications for all fitness levels, so take the challenge! You can even take a Classic class and an Empower class in the same day if you feel like taking your workout to the next level!

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