10 Times True Blood Saved My Soul

I remember when True Blood premiered on HBO in 2008. I was 13 years old and full of angst. The minute I saw Bill come onto the screen looking extremely out of place in that Louisiana diner, I knew I was in trouble. For the next seven years, I was hooked. I even bought the book series and fell more deeply in love with Eric because he truly did care for Sookie, and Bill was a massive a-hole. Sunday nights had a whole new meaning to them: mom-and-daughter fan-girl-over-Eric night is what they should've been called. Of course, it would get a little awkward for 13 years old me to watch the sexual parts with my mom, so I watched certain episodes on my own. But for the most part, my mom and I would sit for hours afterward going over the show and discuss our desires for the next episodes and, of course, Alexander Skarsgard. Not only did this create a bond with teenage me and my mom, it also helped me deal with my own reality. At that age, I was starting to get depressed, so to be able to fill my imagination with southern accented vampires, it helped create a place to escape to when I was sad. Not to mention, this was the first show that I ever wrote a fan-fiction about. Here's 10 time's True Blood saved my soul and why I'll never stop loving it.

1. Meeting Granny and learning how great of a person she was.

She loved Sookie and Jason, and always wanted the best for them. She loved everyone she met and could put a smile on anyone's face. She was the definition of home. Whenever her name was brought up I always smiled because I knew she was going to say something silly to Jason, like "Put a shirt on, boy", and he would rebel in that teenage boy way of his. She brought life and happiness to the show, as it was the pure side of Sookie. She also made me think of my own Gigi with her love for cooking and taking care of her grandkids.

2. Meeting Bill was what got me hooked on the show.

I thought he was such a great boyfriend. He was just hungry... for power. That deep, dark stare he gave Sookie the first night in the diner blew me away. I remember giggling with my mom on the couch as the two walked into the parking lot and talked before she saved him from some people trying to get V out of him. That was the beginning of my favorite relationship, but once I learned about how all he wanted was to be King and needed to use Sookie to get there, he taught me what to look out for in my own life: looks can be deceiving...and so can words. Too bad, though! He really seemed to be great in the beginning.

3. Meeting Eric made me forget all about Bill.

Move over, Bill! Eric was just the right amount of sexy and handsome. His alluring personality was just too much to handle! Deep down, he really did care for Sookie even if he couldn't show it properly in the beginning. I prefer him with shorter hair, though, but the long hair made him look like the cute goofball he is. He's basically everything that I'd want if I could have a vampire boyfriend. He would always be protective and charming, even if it was awkward and silent. His growls say it all.

4. That time Eric lost his memory.

Here's when he truly showed his feelings. Even though he couldn't remember her, or anything for that matter, the way he treated her was the way that Bill should've been doing. It reminds me of whenever someone gets drunk they end up gushing to another person and telling them how great they are. Eric did that, showing Sookie that he was a great partner. She knew it was just the memory loss and saw another side of him. Even though I do on occasion "gush" when I've had a few too many, I feel that way deep down and wouldn't need alcohol to bring up those feelings, so they would just come out of me how Eric's feelings did towards Sookie. He knew he felt that way and even when he woke up and went back to being his cold self, silently letting her know that he truly loved her. Swoon!

5. Lafayette!

Truly one of my favorite characters to ever be created. He wasn't afraid to be who he was and wasn't afraid to show it! If anyone disrespected him, you bet he would prove them wrong. His fashion taste honestly helped boost my confidence and my own way of showing the world who I was. At age 13, I identified as a boy and wore boxers underneath my skinny jeans. At first, I was scared to do it, but soon I let them sag a little to let it be known that I was wearing them. Cutting my hair was another way to show my identity. Lafayette gave me the courage to do so because I knew I was glamorous any way I dressed.

6. Pam being...Pam.

She's that bad ass B that everyone wants to be. Her and Eric's relationship is also perfect, too. Blood is thicker than water! Their relationship is strong and unbreakable. Friendships should be this way. Her personality is the B-side of me that I won't let out, but I know if I did, it'd be like hers.

7. Eric and Sookie finally getting together!!

He was the perfect protective boyfriend. I knew from the minute he saw her in Fangtasia that they were going to be together and when it happened, my mom and I couldn't stop smiling. Them having a fling made my world go 'round.

8. Jessica loving Hoyt was just the cutest.

I always related to Jessica the most. I felt like an outcast when it came to boys, and she wanted to be perfect for Hoyt; always afraid to show her fangs, trying to be as courteous as possible in front of him. Once he finally said he loved her for her, I felt like people would end up liking me for me and I had nothing to worry about.

9. Tara always being the best sister to Sookie felt like she was there for me.

I didn't grow up close to my own sibling, so watching Tara be there for Sookie helped me cope with my own sister issues. I always imagined that she would be just as cool as Tara was; she'd kick anyone's butt if I asked her to! She was even more badass when she got turned, too. Whether she's a human or a vampire, she's a great person.

10. Hoyt's mom.

She was just enough to push you over the edge but still love her for having an a...somewhat good heart. She did love her son, but to what end? The relationship her and her son have is kind of the relationship I have with one of my grandparents; them always trying to shove things down my throat and me trying to just nod and move past it. I appreciate all the help, but it gets too much sometimes! You realize that love can rise above that, though, and I hope Hoyt found the right amount of love from his mother and has a good relationship with someone who treated him like Jessica did.

I'm very sad that the show isn't running anymore, but thankfully HBO GO exists and I can watch it whenever my heart desires and relive my teenage-angsty feelings. I'll never forget how much I love this show. Team Eric for life!

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