Ever think about your future husband and what he'll do to show his affection for you? We can all dream about finding our Thomas Rhett's in the world. Admit it, there have been so many lyrics that TR has given you that have made you create an unrealistic future husband. If I were Lauren, I would never let go of someone like TR, especially because of songs like these.

1. Die a Happy Man

Did you really expect number one to be anything other than "Die a Happy Man"? All TR sings about in this song is his love for Lauren. "Oh, if I all got is your hand in my hand, baby I could die a happy man." I think this might have been the line that melted all of our hearts. Thomas Rhett's love for his wife is something every girl dreams of finding, even if it might be just a tiny bit unrealistic. We can all dream, right?

3. Life Changes

This is one of the songs that came out on Thomas Rhett's new album. He talks about how he has grown so much throughout his life, all while Lauren was right next to him every step of the way. What more could you want? Also the fact that he talks about their adorable Ugandan baby and their little girl that was on the way as he was writing the song? How could you not love this song TR wrote!

4. Unforgettable

How could you not be obsessed with this song? I mean seriously, he is retelling the story of when the two met back up after a short separation in their teen years. If you don't think this love story is a fairytale then you seriously need to rethink it. It's kind of incredible he remembers every single detail of a night that was over 10 years ago. It seems to be a bit of a long shot to expect a man to remember the little details of a first date, like what you were wearing or even the exact day it was. It makes sense to remember the anniversary of your relationship but not as much as the day you first met!

5. T-Shirt

"T-Shirt" is such a fun song to listen to. TR still finds a way to incorporate the love he has for his wife, all while making a fun and catchy song to listen to. "I ain't ever seen anything like, your dress, my floor, the way you wore, my T-shirt." It seems to be the simple things to Thomas about his wife. She can be all dolled up or wearing a baggy t-shirt around the house, either way, she is still as beautiful as ever in his eyes.

6. Star of the Show

I think I can speak for everyone when I say this is the song that sold the show, literally. He talks about how everyone is fascinated with his wife and how her beauty is so stunning that she is the star of the show everywhere they go. I think I would die if someone wrote something like this about me, I can't even imagine how Lauren feels after being spoiled with love songs from her husband. And although they were at this award show for Thomas, we all know he thought she was the star of the show.

7. Get Me Some of That

The first line of this song starts off with Thomas singing about how he is all for Laur. He says she's the prettiest thing he's ever seen and everything about this song is something I would want in a guy. If a guy thought these things about me, I don't think I would ever let go of him.

8. Make Me Wanna

This is one of those songs that make you realize everything you want from your significant other. TR talks about everything that Laur makes me him want to do and how much everything they do together means to him. This is one of those "melt your heart" songs that make you smile, even though it may not have been written for you. Kind of like all of TR's songs honestly.

9. Tangled

This is another one of my personal favorite songs that is, in my opinion, under-appreciated. TR wrote this song explaining how he his love for Lauren is all tangled up because there is so much love he has for that woman. I think the purpose of this song was so simple, yet so great and that is why it is just another reason to want to have a perfect relationship like Thomas and Lauren.

10. Sweetheart

Thomas talks Lauren up in this song so much and I think it makes my heart melt so much. He says that she will always be his and that is something every girl dreams of hearing. TR seems like he would be the type of man to give constant reassurance and that is something everyone appreciates!

All of these songs have come straight from the heart of someone who was once just like you and me and I think it's incredible that someone can express their love for another person so simply and wonderfully. Thomas Rhett sure did a good job of stealing every girl's heart and making all of us have unrealistic expectations for future relationships. Basically, if my future boyfriend/husband doesn't write cheesy love songs about me and tell the whole world how much I mean to him, he isn't a keeper.